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Raised in Upstate NY, I have lived in New York City at times, New Haven, Ct, Lenox, Ma, and Juarez, Mexico among other places. Bachelor's in history, English, and biology from the University of Buffalo. I come from a long line of writers stretching back several hundred years.
I like to examine the unlikely but possible in fiction instead. I developed an eccentric chracter, Igor Prince, from an ex-pat German faimily, who lives in NYC. He is wealthy, dissolute, totally unfocused, has come up with the bizzare idea of trying to live his life according to Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, a physics law. Igor can be pretty funny too. He is rescued in the first book of this trilogy by a struggling actress, Allyson. (Running From the Paranoids, 2004) She brings focus to his life while delighting in some of the absurdities Igor revels in. Without his knowledge, but with the encouragement of a wide group of friends, she writes a connective narrative for his humorous short stories, and publishes it, creating a huge success for each of them, The Pan-Galactic Amusement Park. In the last chapter they sail to Sweden and Finland.
New York is the perfect setting for such a character, and I've always enjoyed my time there. Also, my writing incorporates the art world a great deal, and I'm an amatuer painter. I also enjoy long distance sailing, and would love to casually sail aroud the world, as I have Igor And Allyson doing in my newest book, Elephant Park.
Humor is important to me, the relations between people, I try to make some political points because I'm involved with politics as much as possible. Ecology matters too, so that's included into Elephant Park, as well as current events. There is a hurricane in the Gulf Coast, the BP oil spill is in the background, returning war veterans, finacial hardships for the middle class, and my experience in real estate, specifically mobile homeparks.
I am are well seved by reading whenever I can. Randomness is the Great Dictator of life.

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The Pan-Galactic Amusement Park
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 32,300. Language: English. Published: May 3, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Military, Fiction » Adventure » Action
Arnold is an obnoxious, often funny Space Hero from Earth with an absurd philosophy of life, The Scheme of Imaginative Logic. Five stories excerpted from the novel Running From the Paranoids, which proceeds Elephant Park. Arnold studied at The New Haven Space Combat Academy & Beauty School, and seeks the Creator of the Universe, It, who says "Sorry for the inconvenience," shrugging.
Elephant Park
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 88,710. Language: English. Published: May 25, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Humor & comedy » Black comedy
For Mature YA & Adults, a quirky novel about a hurricane, two rich eccentrics, Allyson & Igor who are sailing around the world are marooned in a swampy canal next to a trailer park in Florida. The sly leader of the park thinks he is hooking up with a college senior, but she is a HS senior, & then there is her mother a teacher--& an escort. Plus a stripper, some bikers, Cubans, and assorted misfits

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  • The Omniverse Through Darkness and Stars on Aug. 30, 2011

    As a Smashwords author myself (Elephant Park), I truly enjoyed this book, realizing what a complex undertaking it was. There are a few typos, but I could review my own work until the end of time, and there would still be errors. I must say I also read the book's predecessor, the Unearthling, naturally out of order. I like the millenial theme of long spaceflight in SF, and have read many versions, this being one of the best, and most all encompassing, by making clear how Earth got to the point it was in the first volume. It deals well with human nature, has some great characters, and even deals extensively with the topics of religion and illogic. The science is reasonable if necessarily suppositional, and ecology is not ignored as it cannot be in this kind of plot. This is not some Star Wars swashbuckling cartoon but rather a thoughtful book that is great fun too, and one might just learn a few things from it. I look forward to the next volume in the series.
  • The Omniverse The Unearthing on Oct. 28, 2011

    See my review of the second novel in this series. This is really a quite excellent SF novel. Great idea in that a long voyage be aboard an alien ship that's been here for millions of years & seems almost sentient.