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  • Revolutionary Discipleship on Sep. 08, 2011

    Revolutionary Discipleship by M.E.Brines is really a great book! I was only passing through and had a few minutes when I came across this small book. I downloaded it just to take a quick look and ended up reading it half way through. By then it was quite late but I still thought about the points Brines was making. How true! This book is packed with information that we may have heard before but when it is brought together you see a picture of the modern church emerge. It is NOT a pleasant picture. The modern church lacks the power of a living God? Why? The modern church has little if any direction. Why? The modern church is not what God intended. It is very weak and needs help. If you are a part of the body you need to read this book and join in an effort to minister to a weak ineffective church. Where is the power? Where is the hope? Where is YOUR future? Mr. Brines answers a lot of questions without being “preachy”. We all have a small but very important role to play. All it takes from you is a little of your time. Start now.