Alice BGreen


Apparently the chapter links need work and my bio needed to be longer so this is more about me. Some carefully metered doses of personal history are in order. Around authoring probably.

As a teen I went to poetry readings, and entered an arts high school to major in Creative Writing. Typical introvert with a quirky sense of humor, but poor instinct for self preservation. I was often put out at sea in a leaky raft for protracted periods of time by extenuating circumstances.
As an adult my writing took a practical turn, towards copy writing and Perinatal Education. Many unfinished screenplays which I feel the need to mention because who worries about merely potential torpedos when there is a freaking harpoon in the raft? Two finished screenplays.

After doing an internet search on a dear friend's name, I found a memoir she wrote a few years ago. The strength of her voice in the piece was like a call to respond. So this is a memoir about making her acquaintance, with allusions to the subsequent conspiracies that ultimately steered us through uncharted waters.


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