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  • Wildcat In Moscow on Oct. 06, 2012

    I read the first 20% and was hooked! Can't wait to read the rest! Fun and very fast paced.
  • Blackmail Bride: An Erotic Romance In Scotland on Feb. 22, 2013

    I read the old version by "Normanda" and this one with the added romance/erotica makes it even better! A good afternoon's read.
  • The Gift: An Erotic Romance in Kiev on Feb. 22, 2013

    I got this on a free Smashwords promo: fantastic story! This isn't just erotica it's got a real story. Storm Chase is fun.
  • Sold! A Romance In The Sudan on March 11, 2013

    Read this on Kindle a while ago. Short, good fun read. Lighthearted; the hero is a lot of fun. Very romantic light erotica for 18+ audience.
  • Chocolate: An Erotic Romance In Siberia on March 11, 2013

    I read this on Kindle. A very unusual story with a great heroine, Star, and a mysterious hero. Although it's technically BDSM, it's very romantic in an odd way. I liked it!
  • Lost Weekend: An Erotic Romance in Wales on April 09, 2013

    Good fun sexy romp with warm hero - an accountant, really? and a heroine who needs a bit of rescuing.
  • Fryupdale on June 13, 2013

    Unusual, fun and different. Amazing that this is free; there should be a charge for this. Or read the first story free and the first half of the second story.
  • One Hot Mama on June 21, 2013
    (no rating)
    A sex scene with no characterization or plot. Needs a grammar check too. Not my scene.
  • The Bonus on Nov. 17, 2013

    I got this book for free as a promo. I would not have read it based on the description but I know this author by another name so I read it. Wow! It's violent and Kyle is worse than Dexter the serial killer. I LOVED it. It's the best love story I've read in ages. I started it yesterday afternoon and I couldn't put it down. I didn't want it to end. Write a sequel!
  • Murder in Moscow on Jan. 28, 2014

    I won a copy of this in December at a Rafflecopter. I'm adding a review here because of a Facebook post today showing the author is being targeted by haters. I rated this 4 stars originally on FB. I loved Chelsea in Wildcat in Moscow because she's sweet so it took me a while to warm up to Cassidy who is a bit darker but when I began to understand her, I loved her. And Dimitri is just heaven! Murder in Moscow is a well researched, well written romance with nasty murder that kept me hooked because I didn't guess who it was until the end. It's one in a series, but it's a story all by itself so you don't need to read the first one. However, I did like seeing how Chelsea and Vlad were - and the rest of The Team. Looking forward to more books in this series. I think I've read everything this author has written and I've enjoyed all her books. To balance this out 1 star nastiness, I'm giving it a 5.