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Alicia Bouchard was born into a small rural community in Dordogne France in 1984; she was part of a family of five, an older brother and a younger sister. From a very young age she grew to love animals, their simplicity and the fact that they lived in the moment.
She was blessed with unusual intelligence and waltzed through both lower and upper school. At the age of nineteen she achieved a place in the coveted Ecole Normale Suprieure University in Paris, France. She chose to study social science, but learnt as much if not more outside of the universities walls.
By chance she discovered that she had a way with words, which coupled with her open nature and intelligence led her to start writing.
The series of books she entitled Jessica are based upon a girl she met in Paris. A young lady of astonishing beauty and yet the attributes of the animals she loved so much. Jessica was non judgemental, lived in the moment and was unshackled by others opinions, she was in fact as free as a bird. It was a combination that few could resist; Jessica was irresistible to all, irrespective of gender, as she glided through life.
To suit the language in which she wrote the book, Jessica is now English and born to successful parents in London, the rest is pure Jessica.
Alicia published her debut novel in the Jessica series in 2012; ‘Jessica, coming of age’ and now writes full time

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