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Budding erotica writer with interests that expand from the vanilla to the taboo. From my output you can expect everything from romantic escapades, escaped multi-limbed science experiments, body switching, chicks with cocks as big as your arm, trysts between blood relatives, women giving birth to abominations, and perverse poltergeists. Heck, who knows. You might find yourself being turned on by creatures and beings beyond your limited human comprehension. I make it a point to try and write unique settings and situations in genres that I love to read, including fantasy, science fiction, cyberpunk and horror. If you like what I put up, please show some extra love with a rating and some constructive criticism. I want to do the best I can to make my writing entertaining and arousing in equal measure.

Elements you'd find in my fiction: Fertility/Pregnancy, M/M, M/F, Futa/F, Intersex, Gender Bending, Transformation, BDSM, Exhibition, Xeno, Monsters, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror, Cyberpunk, Transhumanism

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