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  • Abe on March 29, 2011
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    "Abe" is a story where the mind is the main character. The mind of a man, the mind of the reader, the mind of the writer. Abe is a selfassured character, a gentleman; women are always around and they are special to him. He is special himself, but in the end you will come to your own conclusions in what way he's special and why he has certain actions and reactions. He sure is his own horror, so there's no way he could ever complain or ask for mercy. McKinney succeeds in playing with the main character's mind while piercing the reader's at the same time. First, he manipulates both minds so later they come to a sync shock of horror set into emotional and visual aspects. You can't feel good when reading, but you won't feel bad either. It all depends if you are a man or a woman, and how your mind tends to work... It is a widely recommended story for those who enjoy horror whether it is in visual or in psychological aspects. There's so much to be seen heard and felt in "Abe", so much to hate or so much to embrace. The wording and the pace of the story can strike you fast. Image after image, event after event. You will be able to be the character in some way since McKinney takes you to his horror and insanity holding your hand...and brain).
  • Tears of Love on March 29, 2011

    Love, loss, youth, smiles, screams, mystery, blood, tears, and much more are the things that McKinney will give you in his story "Tears of Love". Curious, hurt, happy and sad children are living their lives the way they shouldn't, but they have no other choice than to go for that which keeps them together: love. While you read, you will go through a journey of events that will strike your deepest emotions and thoughts making you wonder about the horror of love and the beauty of horror. Yes, it sounds strange, but if you can't feel the love, then you won't see the imminent need for blood. Anyone who likes horror should read this story. You will be touched in a way you can't imagine. You will see things, horror to be specific, with an open heart rather than with a scared mind. Amy, Charles and Mike were always like one. Darkness separates them, and in some way it brings them back together, making them even closer. Will you be able to digest this plot, actions and reactions? You are to be part of this all.
  • Death Bonds on March 29, 2011

    "Death Bonds" gives you love, pain, sacrifice and compassion. How can horror embody those things? Well, it can. McKinney managed to come up with a story where he mixes lovely images with gore. The narrative of this story pretty much appeals to the senses via the descriptions; that is, McKinney depicts scenes that bring musical essence and rhythm to the story, words that will be stuck in your mind for awhile, sounds that hunt you like they hunt the characters. That is one of the greatest features of this writer who is able to take you to a comfortable place then take you back to horror in two words. Are you ready to decide if a sacrifice is worth the lost ones? If evil can get to be good? If living is worth dying? If the past is still worth the present madness? Deal with it dear reader; horror and love can be one.
  • Lie Canthropy on July 20, 2011

    Enchantment, mystery, beauty, fear, darnkess, and I dare say fantasy are some of the wonderful things conveyed by author Jerry McKinney in this story. It is beautiful horror where the story and characters (dwelling in several situations and worlds)will grab you by the heart and soul and take you through a journey of wonderful imagery, events and experience. Innocence and evil are two things you will have to live in the story, and your deepest emotions will be knocked down.
  • Feed on Oct. 10, 2011

    Hunger, deep emotions, a child, a mother, compassion, being lost and found in the horror of the night...Well, you got all this and more in McKinney's story. A vampire is portrayed since the moment he's born, when he hunts, how he "lives", and how destiny plays with him in the end. You have never seen a vampire like this one, living his own horror, and I'm sure you'll feel exactly what this character feels. Be humane and don't judge.