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  • Ultimate Taboo Family Pack, 40 Forbidden Incest Tales on July 20, 2019

    To be clear, if you're catching this on sale, this is a MASSIVE bargain. 40 stories, over 400 pages, for five dollars? Other authors on Smashwords are selling their erotic collections for $40, $65 even $90 or more. This is a huge collection and a great deal. The writing is good, great in places. A lot of it is very erotically charged and some of the build-up in these is wonderful. The perspectives are first-person, from the POV of the daughter or sister involved in the incestuous shenanigans. Most of the stories are daddy/daughter, some are brother/sister. As a previous reviewer noted, there is the occasional misspelling and editing error that should've been caught by any reputable word processor, but these aren't all over the place. This is a review (in part) to counteract the absurd one-star review I read before purchasing this collection. In reality, I'd give this collection 3.5 stars, 4 if it was edited a bit better, but more people should give this collection a chance, especially if they're into D/D incest, and the one-star review almost made me not pick this up, so I'm giving it 5 stars. At five dollars, this is one of the best bargains on Smashwords right now. I'll absolutely continue to follow this author. Very good erotica. Well done.
  • Rape 65 on July 20, 2019

    ACTUAL RATING- 3.5 Stars Yes, I actually bought this. It was on sale for just over fifty dollars, and after trying out one of Liksit's smaller rape packages, I decided (well, my smaller head decided) to bite the bullet and do something I think is stupid. I'll reiterate: I paid over $50 for this. To be clear, I'm not a fan of selling even your completed works for over $20. The thought to me is outlandish that, outside of the sale, this collection is $70! I would never recommend anyone spend what I did on any erotica collection. But that's the author's decision and hey, it clearly worked on me. So make of that what you will, and make your own decisions with your money. With that out of the way, I'm mostly glad I own this. Rape is a kink near and dear to me, and Penelope Liksit is obviously one of the most prolific suppliers of that kink (as well as many others) on Smashwords, or any site, really. Within this book, given that it's a selection from much older stories to current day ones, you can see her growth as an author. The older stories are not bad, but they're rougher around the edges, and Liksit gets much more creative, and decidedly more brutal, in the later stories. Also, as a side note, Liksit has gotten funnier and more absurd as time has gone by, and it's helped both the nature and eroticism of her stories. Raping the Pizza Delivery Girl is a personal favorite. Many of these are very silly (and yet still hardcore) and that does a lot to remove it from reality, which both I and my hard-on appreciate. What about the sex itself? Well, the stories are short. Maybe 5-7 pages per. Not much time is spent on any particular position or sex act; for instance, if a girl is thrown over a desk, she might be taken doggy style for a paragraph, then forced onto her knees for another two paragraphs, or if it's watersports, there's two sentences describing how it happened, then it's onto the next brief degradation. With Liksit you're sometimes required to draw things out yourself in your head if you liked a specific mental image she's drawn, because she moves at such a brisk pace. I should also note that because there's no moral compass required here, she really lets her freak out. Many, many possible non-consensual scenarios are played out here, and in about a third of them the girls a secretly willing participants, in the others they're not. There's monsters and criminals and sex-fiends and neighbors, fathers and brothers and coworkers and mailmen, everyone is a potential deviant here and it's wonderful. There really is something for everyone in this collection. The writing and the eroticism isn't necessarily up there with Esmeralda Greene or Selena Kitt, but it's solid and there's plenty of it to go around. Penelope Liksit is like the McDonald's of sexual deviancy. It may not be fine dining, but it's quick and satisfying, and she delivers a million smiles a day. So that's my review. I don't regret this purchase, but I can't in good conscience say you should divest what I did. It's up to you. If quick shots of silly, brutal rape scenarios are up your alley, Penelope Liksit delivers more content, more often than just about anybody else, and this collection is a testament to the house of sin she's immortalizing herself building.
  • Granddaughter's Vacation on July 20, 2019

    5 Stars. All of them. I fucking love this book. CJ Blake is, hands-down, my favorite author I've discovered on Smashwords, and this is my favorite book I've purchased on this site. I will be fair and honest, and no, this book isn't perfect, but I'll say right now it is ABSOLUTELY worth the price of admission. If you dig comedy, adventure, actual plots in porn and mountains of wonderful, inappropriate incest, BUY THIS BOOK! This is something between not quite a full novel and a long novella, over 130 pages bursting with life, humor, tawdry, taboo sex and (nearly) three-dimensional characters. I think it's best described as an 80's sex comedy/road movie, mixed with porn. It plays out very much like a movie, with (mostly) perfectly paced scenes, set-ups, surprise developments and an eventual madcap, farcical attitude as events unfold. Allow me to get the negatives out of the way now. If you've read CJ's 'My Mom Fights Monsters', another incestuous gem, 'Granddaughter's Vacation' has the same initial problem. Where MMFM entire first half is dedicated to 'go to gym, come home, bathe, fuck', on repeat, 'Vacation' also takes too long to get going initially. That's not a huge issue, because it's introducing the characters, it's taking its time with the sex and it's setting up future plot points. But it's also repeating steps of 'go out on boat, sexual shenanigans, come home' where there could've been some other activity for Kali and Papa Billy to bond in besides the boat. Thankfully, the real plot kicks off much quicker here than in MMFM. Secondly, I wish the book was longer. I wanted more time with the characters, more adventures, a bit more structure in the plot and more resolution. So, the premise. Bill is a somewhat listless car salesman with a nice house and a boat who is visited by his spitfire granddaughter Kali. Kali, a gorgeous blonde sex kitten with dangerous curves reignites Bill's business (she genuinely takes an interest in selling cars), his old heart (and libido) and after growing 'closer' Bill and Kali take a road trip to bid on some new cars for the lot. From there it's a series of adventures and misadventures as the two bounce from one setting to the next. Hotels, the beach, dive bars, an auction house, fancy restaurants, an abandoned amusement park, this book is FILLED with scenery where most porn stories on this site never leave the bedroom (or at least the single setting where the sex takes place). And the sex here is gooood. Very good. It's hot, relishing in crossing taboo lines, riding the kink and winking at you good-naturedly the whole time. I usually prefer darker stories, but CJ Blake's tales are damned-near wholesome in how light-hearted they are, and it's infectious. I dare you not to smile reading this book. It's funnier than Esmeralda Greene's 'Intrafamilias', and that was previously the funniest porn novel I've read from the modern era. (And since I mentioned Greene, no, the sex here is not quite as hot as hers. I don't know of anyone currently that is able to match Greene or Selena Kitt on pure eroticism, but CJ Blake sits very comfortably on a tier just south of them). I'm following CJ Blake. Wherever this author sails next, so goes my nation. I'll be eagerly awaiting the next full-length novel, and will be purchasing it day one. Granddaughter's Vacation is an absolute must-buy for anyone into sex comedies, incest and/or just a damned fun story.
  • Daddy's Princess on Aug. 27, 2019

    Holy shit, that was amazing. I could feel the eroticism in my toes! Marie James has herself a fan for life!
  • The Anti-Fascist Nazi on Jan. 12, 2020

    Well-put argument _against_ fascism, be it from the past, or in its current form, coming from Antifa. I do enjoy that Miss Sellers seems so distraught by the author's point of view against fascism that she's decided to call him a Nazi in every review, but then who isn't a Nazi to progressives these days. I'll be following this author.