Aly First


Aly First knows the pleasure of surrendering to the right dominant older man.
She writes the kinds of books she likes to read, full of adventure and love.
Most days, she gets crazy with wild, wicked sex that pushes into the burning forbidden zone, and writes about it, too.

When she’s not deep in an imagined jungle at the mercy of a mature alpha, she’s deep in an actual jungle exploring ancient Mayan ruins. The author divides her time between the California coast and the Yucatan.

Between books, she visits Caribbean beaches, cenotes (amazing underground water caves known as entrances to the underworld), enjoys the art scene in Merida, experiments with new foods from farmer’s markets, and walks all over the place. Her Spanish and Mayan language skills continue to improve, but often result in strange communication experiences that are funnier to tell than to live.


This member has not published any books.