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  • PleasureTorture: Collected Works on Jan. 23, 2021

    No plot to get in the way, if that's your thing. Pretty predictable descriptions. Nothing special.
  • Tortured Lovers (Episode 1) on Jan. 23, 2021

    Too many "suddenly"s and "immediately"s. (Although there may only be 2 of the first and 1 of the second, but you get the point.) Not really BDSM, at least in this intro 17 page book.
  • Captive, Part I: Taken on Jan. 24, 2021

    As far as BDSM goes, it seemed pretty pedestrian, e.g., "he brought her to a mind blowing orgasm." It stops on page 30, even though the book is 41 pages long. Eleven pages of ads for other books by the author. It ends just before some unidentified punishment begins.
  • Bound by Handcuffs & Lust on Jan. 25, 2021

    If you find this kind of narrative satisfying, please enjoy this book. I don't. I find it amateurish. Further, in this very short story the action doesn't start until about half way through. Hence my rating. His tall stature dominates Helen, His hand feels like red heat as it connects with her ass once, twice, then again, each strike hard and aggressive, sending pulses of pain through her cheeks and a deep incessant need rippling inside her pussy. “Fuck! Oww,” Helen cries, clenching with desire, her core throbbing with need, the scent of her arousal a dead give away to the need she felt.
  • Twelve Maxbridge Street on Jan. 26, 2021

    Terrific! Not a lot of extraneous plot, but a vivid central character nevertheless. The abused and abuser are not chums. Otherwise it reminds me of some of Anne Rice/Rampling/Roquelaure's stuff (no vampires) but from the male perspective.  Not for everyone, but a definite must read for those it appeals to. Definitely BDSM.
  • His Nemesis on Jan. 27, 2021

    I'll give this a five. Great atmosphere and psychological buildup. Not a lot of irrelevant backstory. Some worth reading previews at the end of the book.
  • Captive in the Dark (The Dark Duet) on Jan. 28, 2021

    Eh. Pretty predictable. Not worth 200 pages. But I'll give it a four.
  • Eraser on Feb. 02, 2021

    Nothing special. Nothing awful.
  • Welcome to The Wild Side on Feb. 02, 2021

    Very competent as others of Brighton's books have been, but 130 pages of whipping and spanking gets a little repetitive. Note that it's 130, not 176. 46 pages of marketing. I guess that's why this book is free.
  • Noah (5th Street #1) on Feb. 08, 2021

    Definitely chick lit, so I found the cover misleading. If this were categorized as erotica I'd give it a 2 for the unpersuasive sex, but it's not, and the story does move along. I'd give it a 5 for its genre if the writing were a tad less trite. Four it is.
  • Naked and The Recurrence on Aug. 24, 2021

    I'm so glad to find that Keplar has written a new book after all! I really love her two books, but from what she says in the two afterwards I'm reconciled to there not being any more. :-( This is terrific. Original, vivid. I wish there were more humiliation stories from a straight male perspective out there.
  • Idyll and After the Idyll on April 11, 2023

    I was really surprised by Idyll. It was.... Idyllic... Not Keplar's thing to my mind. I did enjoy it, but wouldn't have chosen it based on its description alone. But trademark Keplar is back with After the Idyll. I hope she keeps them coming
  • Submission on April 28, 2023

    Vintage Keplar. I recommend them all.
  • An Enigma on April 28, 2023

    This is a little different in that it takes off from a section of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander. But it's in no way necessary to be familiar with that 850 page tome to thoroughly enjoy this 3750 page BDSM gem.
  • The Prince's Folly on May 20, 2023

    It's the kind of story that appeals to me, but I dropped a star because of the lack of tension. The MC just caves too fast.
  • Three Vignettes on May 28, 2023

    And yet another from Keplar. She says they're getting smaller and smaller, and that's true, but they're still to the point for submissive men (with dignity).