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Smashwords book reviews by Amanda

  • Republic: A Novel of America's Future on March 11, 2011
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    In all honesty I can say that this is the first military type book I've ever read and actually enjoyed. No sign of impossibly long and boring details and speeches made by so-called important people. I could easily relate to the characters and their flaws, no attempt was made to create them into almost god-like heroes and villains. I really appreciate that. Charles didnt beat around the bush when he wrote this novel. His writing style is short and to the point. No unnecessary details are included. Be warned that this book is emotionally charged. The almost abrupt epilogue only served to fuel my impatience to read his next book. I cried my eyes out by the time I finished reading this book. A "follow-up" on this novel, letting us know what happened to the survivors will be very much appreciated. I cant wait for his next book.
  • Dirty Little Angels on April 07, 2011

    Wow. Here's a novel you dont get to read everyday. When I started reading I immediately thought that this is some twisted story. But I couldnt put the book down, I kept turning the pages to see what would happen next. The story is fast paced and if it werent for the easy writing I wouldve gotten lost in all the things happening in Hailey's life. Hailey's family is being torn apart and being only sixteen years old, she tries everything to try and save her family and her own life from being ruined. She have the wrong friend and meets the wrong people. Her brother Cyrus and his new friend Moses's belief that you should take action yourself ends badly when they accidentally murder a young boy and Hailey's life turns copletely upside down. A failed suicide attempt and dangerous threats makes this girl even more desperate. All she wants is for her family to be saved and happy. So amidst having to deal with her own personal problems in a neighborhood where sex, drugs, alcohol and violence is the flavour of the day, she intervenes with her parents and brother's life too. Hailey would do anything for her loved ones. Even commit murder. A very touching story that moved me deeply.