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Smashwords book reviews by AmethystVisions

  • Redemption for the Hypnotist on Oct. 20, 2011

    I found "Redemption for the Hypnotist" to be an insanely hot read. I would certainly read a sequel or another story from this author. There's a little something for almost everyone in this story. So go ahead and download. Just be prepared to wonder where the time went.
  • The Pygmalion Hypnotist on Jan. 25, 2014

    When I wrote my for "Redemption of the Hypnotist" I remarked that I would love to read another book by the author. He delivered in spades. In terms of heat, I would rate it as less intense than the first, but in a good way. Let's be honest, if you're reading this, you're reading for the hypnotic scenes and when one appears, it's insanely hot. It isn't the main focus of the story though, The plot only loosely depends on the protagonist's skills. It's a good plot and heart-wrenching at times. The characters come alive and almost jump off the page. It was a subplot that registered deeply with me, It screamed 'This is what I want from a relationship, for the exact reasons given.' I almost felt like I should be taking notes, I will likely reread those chapters dealing with that relationship again and again. If you liked 'Redemption for the Hypnotist, you'll like this. While hypnosis is very much an accessory to the plot, rather than essential, it is a well crafted story. Kudos to the author.