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Smashwords book reviews by Elijah5

  • The Days and Months We Were First Born- Family By Fate on Sep. 22, 2012

    First off, these aren't actually "books". The story has been divided into 3 parts to sucker us into paying twice. With that caveat in mind the next question would be, "is the story worth the price?" Sadly, no. While the first book was entertaining enough that I was willing to pony up for the next "book", the story veered away from the hapless, passive, proud New Yorker, detailing the fall of civilization, while being rescued at every turn of the page. Evidently our hero has a learning disorder when it comes to self-defense. Having little experience with guns and also handicapped with repugnance for violence, he seems unable to grasp the concept of "point and shoot" This of course leads to multiple rescues by people who share his confusing pacifist ideals but are nevertheless able to "point and shoot". Our hero is unable to deal with a "snarling" "raging" pack of now feral but pedigreed dogs. Even though he is barricaded inside a six story building he is unable to reduce the pack one at a time despite a "classic" pistol and any number of improvised weapons that would be possible from six stories worth of wood, steel, iron, copper, and masonry. Alas, one must be smarter than the dog eh? So then, "book" 2 suddenly takes up the story of a poor, mistreated Indian girl and repeats the first story! What a gyp!