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  • Conversations With Crystal The Woman Who Fell Off the Bridge on Feb. 09, 2012

    I just finished reading this book and found it very eye opening. You see I am Mike's oldest sister and I saw first hand what kind of snakes the justice system creates. Not only is my brother totally innocent the justice system failed him,my sister in law, and my niece. I cried my eyes out through out most of this book because it opened that wound that I have tried so hard to let heal. It has been very hard on my family and I to see what kind of awfull heart less people there is out there mainly Carl and Cindy Manning and DA Mike Bitney. I mean how could you do that to your own flesh and blood for one thing. I just hope that when it is there time to tell God why they did this to their daughter and grandaughter they have a really good explination. I come from a family that has values and stand behind you no matter what obviously Carl and Cindy don't know what that means. Congratulations Crystal for getting your story out there and making people really see what kind of goverment we have.