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Hi my name is Amy. I love to read. I think it has morphed from a hobby to a part of my life. I started a blog last year where I review and discuss the books I have read. I like being able to get my voice out there too. When I am not reading what am I doing, is to maintain a house and such. I help my sister raise her two boys. Help home school her youngest. I try to instill the importance of reading in them. I will read just about anything but my favorite genres are PNR, Urban Fantasy, Contemporary Romance. Thanks for stopping by.

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  • Finding ELE (ELE Series #2) on Oct. 10, 2012

    Review from Amy's Book World The dynamic duo of Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels are back with the second installment of the ELE series. This is a much anticipated book because we have to know what happened to Willow. Finding ELE has a different vibe than it's counterpart. This one has more of a apocalyptic survival feel to it since most of the book is outside the confines shelter. It's also action packed and more fast paced. Finding ELE has something for everyone, romance, action, paranormal and a kick ass heroine. So here is the breakdown. I picks up were Project ELE ended. Willow is free from the shelter but doesn't know where her friends are. She meets up with survivors and surprise the people on the outside have special powers too. She is rare with all of her abilities so is constantly tailed by Hot Tony, her bodyguard. I smell a love triangle with Willow, Hot Tony and Alec. Pieces of the puzzle come together and we learn how everyone got powers and a possible reason why Willow has so many. On top of everything there are Reapers, humans who have no humanity, stealing powers and killing people. I loved this book. It is a roller coaster thrill ride. It really shows the aftermath of an apocalypse. There is no shelter to hide in. It is every man for themselves. The authors show that in a time like this the least likely person can be your savior. In this case it is Willow's mom Alice and grumpy old Mr. Leroy. Alice takes on a leadership role. Everyone in her camp looks up to her. From the few moments that she appeared in Project ELE, the change from mom to survivor leader is amazing. And who ever knew Mr Leroy could kick butt? :) The book was well written. You feel the emotion of the characters because you become so easily attached to them. Once again I am amazed at how they write a book so seamlessly and you can not tell which part belongs to which author. This is something I have seen only a few times in dual author books I have read. Overall I thought this book was awesome, even if it ended in a cliffhanger ;). I enjoy reading books by these authors and with Finding ELE I think they have another hit on their hands. This series is a must read. Disclaimer: I received this book courtesy of the authors in exchange for an honest review.
  • Exposing ELE on Dec. 20, 2012

    This book seems to center more around Willow and Tony's world than anyone else. So for those Tony fans (Me!!!) you will be happy that he gets more face time. Willow sets out to save her parents and Tony. Willow being Willow her first priority is not herself but others. She wants to bring Tony and her parents back safe. Alec doesn't understand. He has it in his mind that this is all because she has some feelings for Tony. I'm sorry but Alec is a jerk. If he really knew his girlfriend ,the way he thought he did, then he would know that she would do anything to help others. Especially those she cares about. Tsk. Tsk. Alec. He breaks up with her. Yes! There is hope for Tony. But not so fast Tony fans. When she does find Tony something has happened that has changed him. At first you think is a Reaper because his eyes turn red. Willow heals him though, only temporarily. We find out later that it is all connected to Zack because of the shot he gave him. Is he Reaper? I don't think so but we won't know yet, not until future books. :( Willow and Tony spend lots of time together trying to get the Hasting men. Tragedy strikes and Willows is left devastated. Luckily Tony is there to comfort her. They try to get revenge with the Hasting men. Willow finds out some information about Tony's condition. She is left having to make a tough decision and thus we are left with another cliffhanger. Tony has been my favorite for Willow since he appeared on scene in Finding ELE. Willow is a strong female. She is independent, strong willed and stubborned. Someone sensitive like Alec will just leave her wondering if he was okay if there was a battle. Tony can fend for himself. So when Alec dumps Willow it is like opening a door for Tony and he takes his chance. But so far the odds are against them. :( I found that this book is more of a turning point n the series. Willow has to take on more of a leadership role. We find out more about why Dr. Hastings wants Willow. We don't find out everything but we know more than when we started. I personally think out of everyone Willow is just special and that is why the shots reacted differently on her. So that leaves you wondering what is ELE. It think it has a lot to do with what Dr. Hastings is doing. Maybe he is trying to create a super human. Who knows. I look forward to finding out. Well the dynamic duo of Gober and Nuckels has done it yet again. The story pulls you in and you find yourself sucked into the fictional world with the characters. You root them on, laugh with them and cry with them. Let me tell you, this book will have you crying. So grab your your tissues, you'll need them, especially for chapter 3. Overall I loved this book and I can not wait for the next book. The only thing that I didn't like was that once again we were left with a cliffhanger. Grrrr.... But it's all good. This a definite recommend series but it should be read in order though. **Disclaimer: I received this book from the authors for the purposes of an honest review.