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Sue Brown
Latest book: Hello My Angel.
Published October 30, 2023.
Amy Aislin
Latest book: Ballerina Dad.
Published December 11, 2017.
Chara Croft
Latest book: The Daddy Upgrade.
Published December 23, 2022. (5.00 from 2 reviews)
Amy Lane
Latest book: Selfie.
Published April 18, 2016.
Nell Iris
Latest book: Love, Isidor.
Published September 12, 2023.
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Smashwords book reviews by Anabela M

  • Rape in Holding Cell 6 on Jan. 21, 2021

    Wow! Just WOW! I’ve been on the edge of my seat from start to finish, holding my ereader in a death grip. Not believing what I was reading as everything unfolded, rattled by what occured in the storyline and, at the same time, unable to put the book down... So good! This was a dark, twisted, emotional story. Shockingly graphic and morally questionable. I hated, commiserated, raged and loved. Strong read. Recommended.
  • The Vanishing of Owen Taylor on Jan. 29, 2021

    This was incredible! And : OMG, I thought Rape in Holding Cell 6 was bad ! And don't mean 𝘣𝘢𝘥 referring to the writing, because it was awesome, but this is certainly not your all goody stuff, cushy, soft read. Bad things happened in the book, bad people at play throughout the storyline, bad and angry emotions reaching from the pages. Not easy to witness and experience, but I couldn't put the book down. The author has down to a fine art the ability to keep the reader captivated, at least in my opinion, because a lot of times the story made me cringe, shudder and almost broke me ... but I kept reading, caught in the mystery and curious to see where Jake's journey would take him. Morally questionable decisions and actions, others that were definitely immoral and cruel, violence... things that will definitely take you out of your comfort zone, but written in a compelling way. If any of these are your cup of tea or if you'd like a rough, gritty ride for once, this is unmissable.