Anand Betanabhotla


Anand Betanabhotla has authored novels, a play, poems and short stories, some of which are published on the web. His debut novel Magnificent Loss depicts the story of a young man searching for his lost love through a maze of surrealistic events.

Anand came to writing from the varied background of an honest middle class family, an engineering profession and the IT industry, which serves as the bedrock from where he creates his characters and events. When he is not writing, he is seen reading from his iPad or hunting for that great writing app that will propel him into the league of the best writers in the world. When he is not trying to crack the shell of mystery surrounding the human species, he is a master prioritizer, ever in search of the best GTD app available at no cost. When he has managed to pay this month's bills, he is seen working on his long buried passion: writing.

If you can remember his first name, you are forgiven for forgetting his unpronounceable last name. To find him—google Anand Betanabhotla.


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