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Having studied spiritual knowledge from various sources and practiced daily meditation for many years, Maha Devi Li Ra La decided to incorporate her wisdom into a fiction novel that appeals to the young at heart, conveying higher truths in a highly entertaining and easily accessible way. As a child she enjoyed listening to fairy tales and was always fascinated with the character developments of the main protagonists, the morale of the story, and the happy endings that would inevitably follow any good deeds.
Throughout her years of spiritual research, Maha Devi Li Ra La found that stories and analogies conveyed deep spiritual truth in all its simple and complex facets better than any factual explanations could often attain. As quantum physics realizes, the ultimate level of our physical universe exhibits characteristics of pure consciousness. It is established, as most ancient spiritual traditions have always emphasized, that our nature and world is transient and therefore mortal. Spiritual truth and practice, therefore, aim at ultimate realization or enlightenment in order to help the individual to reconnect with her/his immortal essence and awareness so as to not perish with her/his transient environment. Science nowadays acknowledges, as the powerful, timeless Vedic Knowledge System has always taught, that the outcome of any developmental process is altered according to the awareness and mental/spiritual focus of the onlooker or witness of such process. It is therefore of greatest importance to improve and enlighten the awareness of the aspirant of spiritual knowledge if fulfillment in all areas of life is desired.
Addressing the intuitive mind and heart directly and powerfully with experiences and realizations the reader can identify with, stories are capable of triggering and accomplishing deep transformational processes where mere scientific facts often fail to convince the subconscious mind because of their fallible, transient nature that simply pale in the face of absolute, infallible truth. At some point in our history, scientists assumed the sun was supposedly circling our Earth; gradual progress in scientific realizations is reached in increments according to the level of collective awareness, whereas certain spiritual scriptures postulate unerringly what the ultimate truth looks and feels like, especially when a Divine Emanation happened to incarnate among us to teach us these eternal, timeless values. The legends of old that tell of such glorious and outstanding Emanations and their exemplary lives are timeless jewels in our historical literature and are revered amongst those who want nothing short of the highest truth. In her several volume comprising Grand Saga, Maha Devi Li Ra La aspires to express this ultimate truth with her portrayals of heroes and heroines who won’t be swayed from their paths of righteousness until the highest goals of enlightenment and unity consciousness are accomplished.
The authoress is a firm believer in the law of karma that gives feedback according to the quality of an action, but even more so she believes that any challenge can be overcome through the Divine law of mercy, if only the individual can feel deserving enough for such an act of Divine forgiveness. Individual purification and mind transcending, she believes and demonstrates in this epic tale, help attract this forgiveness and inner equilibrium, catapulting the individual from his compromised and limiting beliefs and behaviors to the states of lasting happiness and peace.
Maha Devi Li Ra La sees it her life’s purpose to create works of literature, music and art that reflect these truths and point her audiences in the direction of spiritual enlightenment and ultimate fulfillment.

Smashwords Interview

What inspired you to write the series 'Within The Ocean Of Eternal Love', and why are you calling it an epic grand saga?
In regard to what inspired me to write this story: I feel a deep affinity with the ocean and what I associate with it, namely expansion, freedom, purity, natural power, and a great variety of life forms, many of which are so exotic and colorful that they lie beyond our grasp of control and attempt to classify them. The deep underwater and what lies at the core of our Earth, also, fascinate me and lure me to uncover some of the hidden secrets I imagine at the bottom of the very planet we live on. This, combined with the legendary appeal of the Greek Gods and Goddesses, felt like a rich and unfathomable source of inspiration and imagination capable of enabling me to write and weave a story so magnificent and spiritually enlightening that I can imagine it becoming one of the classics of human literature at some point in time.

I regard my story as an epic grand saga because it touches and draws on mythological figures and ancient spiritual knowledge systems, as well as on archetypical principles that greatly enhance the story. My readers have commented that my writing feels quite elevating and has a poetic flow to it. Also, like most epic tales, the story centers around a couple of heroes whose great challenges and achievements towards their heavenly goal serve as an inspiration for others to aspire as well. I call it a grand saga because it will comprise several books, each detailing phases and stages of the journeys of two lovers from different realms, an underwater prince and a Magna Graecian princess, who, along with their friends and entourage, undertake a quest of epic proportions as they leave their parental kingdoms, on land and underwater, to travel to extreme locations of our planet, namely he to the core of the earth, and she to the mountains of the Greek Gods on Mount Olympos. The ultimate goal of the lovers is Heaven, where souls of different species can unite and live according to their innate reality, a love-filled life shared with one’s true soulmate and eternal love partner. Many big challenges await along the way, and it takes the courageous heart of a hero to face and overcome them, drawing on inner resources that allow overall transformation and growth of character and personality to take place.
What makes your story unique?
Unlike many other legends and stories that depict the Greek Gods as moody and volatile, imperfect personalities, I like to restore an air of ultimate goodness back to them. This way, Poseidon might look evil and full of hatred towards humanity, but once you meet him up close in my story, it becomes clear that he not only has good reasons for his cruel seeming actions but also harbors ultimately good intentions towards humanity. Once the reasoning of the Gods is understood, they magically seem to become man’s best friends. Because what any God — or superbeing — really is is an instrument of the laws of nature that teaches humans the karmic lessons they would rather ignore and avoid to comprehend. This truth ultimately restores trust in the Divine workings, since Gods and Goddesses are all just working for the best of all life forms and creation, rather than being utterly selfish and egocentric in their intentions and actions. Instead of being irrational punishers, the Gods and Goddesses in my story are catalysts for enlightenment.

Furthermore, even though the story incorporates beings from the fairy, elf, and mer-people realms, it still is a story written for spiritually interested adults who have preserved an open mind as to the existence of beings from various deva kingdoms. Besides the deep love between the two main protagonists, who — stemming from two different life habitats — undertake a deeply inspiring soul journey in order to unite in the Heavens and bring their newfound spiritual authority and worldly competence back to the governance of their united kingdoms, this extraordinary transformational journey is also supported and enlightened by powerful knowledge from spiritual master souls, who want to see the protagonists achieve their lofty goals. My keen interest in spiritual knowledge has thus found a great, highly entertaining outlet to present powerful spiritual concepts to the reader.
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The Quest Of All Ages Book Trailer
This is the book trailer for Maha Devi Li Ra La's spiritual and historical romance novel 'The Quest Of All Ages', the first book of the grand saga 'Within The Ocean Of Eternal Love' . Published by Ananda Bliss Consciousness Inc.



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