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The author labels her own writings as being “mystically sensual”, a tool and path for women to claim their own inner feminine powers. She uses poetics as a form of literary education, self-discovery and social engagement.

Through her writings she surpasses what seems to be the limitations of the human but emphasizing the essence of the woman, of the Goddess. The main theme, Love, is basically presented as a transformative experience in life, the energizing force in the universe and empowering the creative feminine.

The artist Anca Mihaela Bruma has just launched her first book which is entitled “The Light of Our Beingness - I Am That You Are”.

Anca is a firm believer in the ‘total artist’, and synthesizes her own view of how she visualizes and interacts with the world, by blending the arts, and bending the fundamental rules of these arts for the sake of Art itself. She has creatively transformed her own writings into a Visual Art, in much the same fashion that Débussy and Stravinsky reformed the structural principles of music, replacing them with structural visualizations of art. Anca brings renewed hope into our lives through a healing by words, where patterns shift and collide and the geometric shapes of life assemble and re-assemble in mathematical purity and perfection. Her poetry are as rhythmical notes on musical bars revealing the psalms of life in sweet adagios, concertos of chaos and powerful symphony whose final crescendos sweep us into eternal bliss, surrealism and universal dimensions of exquisite
transcendental realization of the circle of Life.

When she writes she sees a painting in front of her eyes, using symbolism and allegory in order to capture the infinite intelligence gathering the reflections of truth with a strong mystic sense of the boundless, of the opening out of the world of our normal finite expressions into the transcendental. Like an architect of a language she builds a language within a language, a world within a world, using vivid, sometimes surreal, imagery, giving her poetry a feeling of transcendence.

Her writings reflect her spiritual autobiography, with depictions of hidden reality, with no limitations of space and time, - a quantum view of Existence. Currently, she sees her writings as a practice of being present within the language, a paradigm of living encoded within the message itself, a poetic consciousness with a spherical view of Life and Love. It is related to the realization of the greater self beyond the mundane and established laws of the society: as an expression of both the rational and the intuitive, in the concise poetic form, increasing one’s mindfulness with expanded, even unfamiliar meanings.

Anca sees her writing as an act of Creation, in which the pain transcends into Beauty, allowing a profound healing process to take place. She, as a poet, alchemically heals herself through this process and subsequently heals all who are touched by her writings. She considers that is the main purpose of ART, to Heal and Elevate the minds and souls of the readers!

Smashwords Interview

What is your main inspiration and the message?
The message is: to find YOURSELF! KNOW yourself! With and within all your aspects and manifestations of your own Being! The inspiration: the hidden meanings about Life and Love and I use this form of expression for creating picturesque views about these major themes, transforming the way we think about our own selves.
You use many grammatical images and figures of speech in your poems. How does this relate to what you are trying to convey to the reader?
I do not respect rules of grammar the way an acrobat respects the tightrope!. In fact I love to give a total new meaning. Poetry is attractive to writers who are especially creative, rebellious, and enjoy coloring outside the lines. Spelling, punctuation and use of grammar, are nothing more than a creative tool for me. I choose to dismiss the rules altogether or use the them to decorate and add aesthetic elements to a poem. Toying with grammar rules is one such device, but it is not something that can be approached carelessly... It is true for all types of writing: learn the rules, and only after you have learned them, go ahead and break them! I will salute anyone who is able to break the rules in the interest of ART and great poetry writing just as much as I admire poets who craft meter and verse within the confines of grammar. So for this language-loving poet, either way is the right way. Walk the tight rope or jump from it and see if you can fly. Now, why use of so many grammatical images as figures of speech? One reason, it is impact of my own education; second, grammar by its nature is very near Mathematics, use of them as part of speech creates a specific rhythm.
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Poem: Cathartic Eclipse - Audio/Video Poetry
Poem: Poem: Cathartic Eclipse Written and recited by Anca Mihaela Bruma Song: "My Destiny" Composed and performed by Ali Golroo Written and recited by Anca Mihaela Bruma Song: "My Destiny" Composed and performed by Ali Golroo

Existential Questions - Audio/Video Poetry
Poem: Existential Questions Written and recited by Anca Mihaela Bruma Soundtrack by Johnny Alici - "What Is Life?" Directed and edited by Anca Mihaela Bruma

In My Dream... (A dream within a dream) - Audio/Video Poetry
Poem: In My Dream... (A dream within a dream) Directed: Murat Işık Video editing: Anca Mihaela Bruma Starring: A.M.B. Music: Valdi Sabev - "My Dreams" Location: Büyükada (Big Island) / Istanbul / Turkey Date: 9th November 2014

Insights about poetry together with some recitals
This video has been designed especially for KIBATEK 39, a Global Festival of ART and Poetry, where I represent my country, Romania. This video comprises insights about HOW I see poetry and WHY I write poetry. Through video/visual poetry I try to create a synthesis between poetry and film, generating associations, connotations and metaphors neither the verbal nor the visual text would produce on its own.

Award Day At Literary Global Festival
KIBATEK Awards Day - 8th November 2014 - Tuzla/Turkey - "My Life" Poem Recitation


L'infinitudine dell’AMORE - Scrito da Anca Mihaela Bruma / Prefazione daMassimiliano Raso
Price: Free! Words: 610. Language: Italian. Published: January 12, 2017. Categories: Essay » Author profile
Definire la sua Poesia è umanamente irrealizzabile, spiegare la bellezza che circonda le sue assonanze che contemplano la vita è scienza dell’impossibile, comprendere il suo pensiero dotto è un’arte purificatoria. La sua opera può ricalcare l’epica di un balletto classico in arte poetica le cui visioni sconfinate si mescolano follemente con l'universo conosciuto.

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