Andrina Mars


I love to read. Mostly fiction, but like others as well. I'm not a writer, but perhaps someday.

For now, I'm happy just to read the stories of others, and perhaps I may even review some, when I can find the time.


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  • The Mirror on Nov. 17, 2011

    Sasha, I loved this one. Could really feel the emotion!
  • The Watchman on Nov. 17, 2011

    While I really liked the Magic Bag and The Mirror (my second favorite), this one is my favorite of the three!
  • The Shortcut on Nov. 17, 2011

    I really liked this story. Would love to see you do some longer stories. Perhaps even a novel? Really enjoyed it.
  • The End Of Time on Nov. 17, 2011

    Glenn. I LOVE this story. The ending was a real surprise! I have visited you site address and have read all of the work you and your wife have done so far. Look forward to more.
  • The Best Friend on Nov. 20, 2011

    Nice story Sasha! Now I’m wondering about… my best friend!
  • The Letter on Nov. 20, 2011

    Just went to your main site page, as I do from time to time, and found this short story. Like your others, it was great! I sure hope I don’t get any letter like that. Maybe I just won’t look at the mail anymore. Please keep writing!
  • When Is Ever After? on Nov. 21, 2011

    Sasha. Another great story! I'm glad I found Smashwords, I didn't know they had such wonderful writers on their site as you! Like your other stories, it was well written. I visit your page often.
  • Soul Survivors on Nov. 23, 2011

    Wow! Sasha, I really love this one. So different than your others. As usual, I'll keep this and your others, as well as Glenn's on my iPad!
  • Murder On The Mountain on Dec. 20, 2011

    I have got to tell you, was surprised in the end! Nice! Not real fond of people who... murder as they do.
  • The Snow Globes on Dec. 20, 2011

    Interesting story. Better look in my attic!
  • The Magic Bag on Dec. 20, 2011

    Very good. Interesting idea. Well written. Visited your site link and read all your work. Look forward to more!
  • Anthology of Short Stories From Authors Glenn C. and Sasha Gabriel on Jan. 01, 2012

    Wow! An anthology of all your short stories, great idea. Like other reviewers, I've read all your stories and love them. I can't wait to go to your website and check out the audio versions the other reviewers are talking about.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Distinguish a Canadian from an American on Jan. 01, 2012

    Great story, I loved it!
  • Amanda Ackers and The Deep Forest Elves on Jan. 03, 2012

    Okay, I've read all your short stories and have loved them all. I'm a stay at home mom, so I spend a good deal of time reading, and keep my eye out for your work. I should have emailed like I see another reviewer had, for an advanced copy, but I never thought of that. I just downloaded the novel a while ago, and have only read the first five chapters. OMG! I Love it already and just had to write a review right away! I love the way you bring us as the reader into the story, as though we are on the adventure with them. I can see why you want everyone to read the Appendix first, so we understand why the style of writing is like it is, which doesn't bother me in the least! I also love how the first chapter, Terror In The Forest, starts with IMMEDIATE action, I LOVE that! If she's been through all this in just the first few chapters, I can't wait to get back and read more! I'll review again when I finish the entire novel. Wow is all I can say for now!!!
  • The Encounter on March 03, 2012

    Liked this short a lot! It was recommended by another author who I like, and I'm glad he recommended you. I liked the suspense, never knowing what was on the other side of the isle. Would they get to him first? Would he make it to his machete in time? Would there be a battle? I found myself reading faster and faster to see what was going to happen. Well done. I agree with another review, it would make a great novel I think.
  • A Night Meeting on March 03, 2012

    Just finished this story and am still smiling. Not what I was expecting as another review says, but well worth the read! I love the LISP and how it comes and goes, then we find out why. I will recommend this story to others. Please write more stories ;)
  • Amanda Ackers and The Realm Of The Witches on March 28, 2012

    Oh my god! This book is so exciting in places, I was actually scared! Like another reviewer, I also, after reading book one of the series, wrote and asked if I could get an early copy. WOW! This book really is even better than book one. Amanda, Thian, Tianna, Tia, little Sadie and even some new friends, have many battles where Amanda is controlled by the evil spirits within the Necklace Of Power. Bellinora, the great witch, is stunned that a child is the Wielder of Power, but does not know how to control the power which can destroy all the good in all the realms of all the known universes. This series would make a fantastic movie! Simply an outstanding story. I’m hooked on Amanda and her friends.