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  • The Whole Rotten Edifice on Aug. 02, 2010

    ‘The Whole Rotten Edifice’ is an exceptionally well researched and superbly written piece of historical fiction. Set in 1941/42 the story follows the battle of the Red Army as they defend Moscow against the attack of the Germans. But, this novel doesn’t just concentrate on the horrors of war—and there are some scenes of graphic description in here—but also on the broken relationship of the two main characters: The General, Sevastian Chaliapin, and his Snipper Daughter, Martha, their very different lives, relationships and their hopes and regrets. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I kept wondering how the story would conclude; and the ending, when it arrived, was far more horrific than I could ever have imagined – not for the faint hearted. A great read, highly recommended!