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  • Homecoming on March 29, 2013

    I really liked the book a lot, I love the writing style and the attention to detail regarding the description of the worlds Anne Walsh's stories play out in. A also like her characters, they have each and every one their own defining characteristics and little quirks. They are at the same time general enough to give everyone a little part of him/herself to identify with and get into the story, but they are detailed enough to create the feeling of getting to know real people while reading the book. I also like the recurring theme in her books about tolerance and caution towards generalisations and early judgement about people you did not really experience for yourself. There is only one thing that bugs me about the book. I have to say that I come from reading Anne Walsh's fanfiction since... wow, 6 years and also "Homecoming" (which I also liked a lot by the way, despite forgetting to review it). And while I like having the setting of a family group and enjoy the play of characters of each other, I find that it can be a bit confusing and also sometimes annoying to have seemingly the same characters in the different novels. You always see the DV characters shine through, which apparently is also planned, but for someone who reads several of your works it makes it hard to distinguish the unique differences in the stories. You don not get to know new characters but see them disguise themselves into new plots. Which is kinda surprising, because in the fanfiction it was the other way around: The characters were known from the start, but if you compare them to their canon counterparts you can see the connection but despite that you have the feeling to get to know a new world, a new set of people. Which is why it is so good, because it is not just a weak mirror image, but has a life on it's own. So I think it is kind of sad, that despite having that potential in this book (because she is a great writer) there is that just-a-little-too-close mirroring of the Dangerverse. Just to end this review on a positive note: Despite this huge chunk of (hopefully constructive) criticism I really enjoyed the book. I love the idea of the three kinds of people and the world it painted in my head. Jay!