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  • Carpe Noctem on June 04, 2011

    Immortalis Carpe Noctem was a dark introduction into the life and struggles of twenty-five year old, Alyssa. While walking home one night she's brutally attacked and on the verge of death when Lysander saves her. Lysander is an ancient vampire and he saves her by turning her. He "knew she was far too injured to survive if {he} left her. {His} sloth in attacking [the men that attacked her] would be the cause of her innocent death, and {he} couldn't allow it. She did not deserve death, so {he} granted her immortality." While she struggles to learn about the life she's been brought into, she also begins to fall for Lysander. When she initially tries to act on her feelings, he pushes her away. Not because he's not attracted to her, but because "everyone {he} cares for -everyone {he} brings into this life- dies." The struggles she faces while adjusting to the need to drink blood, the smells and pulses of the humans around here were very well written. Taking a life for blood isn't something Alyssa's comfortable with having to do. But, she knows it's required to survive. She slowly uses it to take down those that would do others harm. The definition of the title ~ Immortalis (Latin) immortal| not subject to death; eternal| everlasting| perpetual; imperishable ~ Carpe Noctem seize the night ~ explains exactly what Alyssa's trying to do ... adjust to her life as a vampire while seizing the night. While her story is interesting, there were times where I felt she was a bit of a Wendy Whiner, but who knows how you'd react in her position. Hard to say. I really enjoyed the journals Lysander kept throughout his immortal life. I have no doubt I would do something similar in that case. What a great way to track what could be a very long and interesting lifetime. I enjoy learning about the history of Lysander's family and the battle with the Acta Sanctorum - the 'Saints'. "Their church promotes the hysteria that all supernatural beings, and anyone else who might be considered different, are unnatural. They see us as nothing more than monsters. They use fear to allow them free rein to kill whomever they please, to rid the world of what they deem evil." Santino is a very well written baddie. The downsides: There was some repetition throughout and words which are inappropriately hyphenated (ex: to-night). Overall, this was a nice debut to a dark urban fantasy. I look forward to reading 'Hunters & Prey'.
  • Hunters & Prey on June 08, 2011

    Hunters & Prey picks up (we have to assume) shortly after Immortalis Carpe Noctem left off ~ Post-Kallisto & Acta Sanctorum-battle with Alyssa continuing to struggle between her need for blood and having to kill her victims to keep her existence a secret. Alyssa, while being followed by someone her clan isn't even sure is alive, seeks shelter in a cafe where she runs into her best friend, Fallon. Fallon hasn't seen Alyssa in a while. Once she starts asking questions she shouldn't know the answer to she finds herself sucked into a world she didn't know existed. I rated this book of the Immortalis series 1/2 a ★ higher than the first. For me, this series takes me back to some of the first vampire novels I read where vamps don't sparkle, they kill. The world Katie creates for us with this series is dark and, you're not being paranoid, there are people after you. I enjoyed the twist of fate for Santino Vitale, the Acta Sanctorum's most fearsome hunter. He continues to be a favorite character of mine. For those reasons, I found this books slightly more enjoyable than the first. However, there are a few things that didn't work for me. The first is an issue that I battle with when reading many "they don't know we exist" paranormal/UF books. Some characters seem to be awfully accepting once they discover the things they feared in the dark really do exist. While I have no idea how I'd accept something similar and admit it must be hard to write about such an experience, I don't always find the character's reactions or acceptance believable. That aside, Fallon is a likable character and I'll be interested to see how their friendship changes in future books in the series. The second issue I have is while Alyssa is trying to find a way to feed without killing, she continues to feast on those that "are criminals". But, does she have much to back that up before diggin' in? I don't think so. She doesn't want to kill humans, but doesn't mind chompin' down on someone she thinks is about to or has committed a criminal act. I'm hoping to see some growth in Alyssa's character in the next book. Time to put her big girl britches on.