Angela Belmont


*Angela Belmont has been writing for six months and this is her first book. She has two PhDs and is a medical doctor. One of her PhDs is in Biochemistry and the other one is in Civil Engineering. Her medical specialty is heart surgery and she is frequently called upon by prestigious medical clinics to perform surgery on famous politicians. Once she performed heart surgery on the corrupt dictator of a small country (she has signed a confidentiality agreement so unfortunately she cannot tell you the name of the country), and the operation was a resounding success: he became a kind and loving dictator and gave everyone presents.

For hobbies, Angela likes to scuba dive in tropical waters and pet the dolphins. She also jumps out of airplanes occasionally, usually sporting a pink parachute. Her dog jumps with her. Barney is her second parachute-jumping dog.

Staying within her budget poses no problem for Angela; she simply refuses to buy anything unless she wants it. Her feet are well-shod; her collection of shoes number in the thousands and include some of the best Italian leather ever made in China.

Angela works out four hours a day in the gym. She would do more but she is self-supporting and simply must find time to do the day careers when she is not writing.

She can eat anything she wants and never gains an ounce.

She gets her story ideas from everywhere.

Angela plays the piccolo and is currently booking studio time to record her first CD. One time, when she was working undercover for the CIA, the piccolo played an important role in taking down a corrupt musician. (When she pushed the business end of the piccolo into his back, he thought it was a gun and went willingly.)

This week Angela is blonde. And single. She has been married six times to the same man, because she believes everyone deserves a sixth chance, but she is not so sure they deserve a seventh chance. She is currently seeing other people.

Strangely, Angela does manage to keep some women friends in her life. Those dear women recently voted her as best-friend-to-take-to–the-bar-to-pick-up-cool-guys-with.

Since Angela knows so much and has done so much, she is perfectly happy to write about it and tell others how they too, can live a happy and rewarding life, even when they don’t ask her advice.

*Angela Belmont is the avatar author of multi-published author, Theresa Scott. However, there is no point in looking up the term ‘avatar author’ in Wikipedia because Angela is the one who invented the term and she has not yet had time to go over to Wikipedia and document the phrase, define it, or put in all those fascinating little details. She says it is enough to let her numerous readers know that an avatar author is something like a pseudonym. Angela thinks she can write comedy.


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