A. Delight


I just adore sex, am fascinated with the beauty of bodies and the practice of pleasure—-combine all that with a love of words, and no wonder I got into writing erotica. What got me started; however, was having difficulty finding some spicy bits of the exact nature I wanted to read. I wanted something kinky with some mischief but kindly affectionate also, and something that hopefully would not take itself too seriously.
I also love that I can make anything happen just the way I want. Why can’t everyone have great sex? One particularly fun piece to write was “Penny and the Pilot Program” which takes place in a future when sexual services are provided for free to folks in nursing homes or with otherwise reduced access. It is great fun and can be downloaded in full for free as part of the free sample in “the Milkmaid” collection.
The first piece I wrote, title piece: “The Milkmaid” (which is well buried in the collection to avoid censors) is actually a concentrated download of my most elaborate fantasies evolved through countless orgasms over the years. Writing that one turned out to be quite an adventure because I was so consumed by the content and would get spontaneously turned on like in the grocery store contemplating scenes. All of a sudden “bang” titillation tilt-o-world. At any rate, it has really been a pleasure. May you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing it. To your Abundant Delight!


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