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Cyndi Harris is a rising author who loves to read and write Paranormal Romance, as well as ordinary Romance. She already released her debut Paranormal Romance novel. Her second, and forth coming books will released soon. Look out for more starting February 14th, 2013! Here are a few words from her:

"Hi everyone!I am a mother of two and an author of too many haha. I love reading and writing Paranormal Romance. When I pick up a book that's published and see an idea I have started working on I smile because I know I'm in the right line of business. My goal is to tickle the fancy of all those who love to read, but most of all it's for me. I can't put a pen or laptop down because my brain is always brewing up a new character or scenario. So if you're like me and love to read and even write indulge into my world."

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