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The following transcript is lifted directly from a file, located in the 'R' rated section of the Temporal Library.
Angus Ecrivain, some say, was born. Others say he appeared by random chance, an anomaly in the very fabric of existence. All that is known for certain, is that he was found in ASDA aged six, hiding in a cardboard box on the pharmaceutical aisle.
Very little is known about his life prior to the ASDA incident, in fact there are few mentions of him in Archives at all after that until his mid-twenties.
There is a brief footnote regarding his school life, though said footnote clearly does not tell the whole story. All it says is, 'must do better, see me afterwards.'
Mr Ecrivain began writing whilst working nights, which he still does. A particularly long and boring night shift whilst working at an undisclosed location resulted in the writing of a short piece of science fiction. From that short piece, Half-Light was born.
Angus has been working on Half-Light for five years at time of press, and the series is still going strong. If you ask him, he'll tell you he intends there to be thirty separate novellas, or ten trilogies.
Though Half-Light is his baby, his pride and joy, it is not an exclusive relationship. Other projects he's written are too numerous to mention here but can be found in his personal Archive.
The Future Histories though, are where Angus Ecrivain features both frequently and heavily. It is said that through his words great civilisations will fall and rise, that the planets of Sol will align, and that Pot Noodles will actually taste like food.
Angus Ecrivain is not his given name, it is an assumed identity he uses from time to time.
Angus has two guitars, Suzy and Melika. He occasionally wears a kilt, and is an avid Nottingham Forest supporter. Whilst writing he listens to rock and metal, just as he does when he's not writing. Angus also knows Rule #34 is fact and according to the Future Histories, will prove it.

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