Lover of Languages. Wrangler of Words. Writer of Code.

I’m a writer, an avid reader, and a firm believer in ending a bad day with a good book. I’m a nerdy, anti-social homeschooling mom who loves reading, writing, coding, knitting and playing my kiddo.

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  • Amador Lockdown on Nov. 28, 2011

    I get bored easily, so my favorite types of books to read are psychological thrillers and mysteries. Unfortunately, I am also usually able to predict the ending when I'm halfway through most books. That was not the case here. You've read the description, and it takes nothing away from the suspense and unexpected ending that I found here. Coral used her writing wit, and tricked me all the way through to the end. It is easy to "know" and identify with these likable characters as you travel along with them on their journey, but time isn't wasted on too much character development or description as is seen in many novels. Amador Lockdown is fast-paced, transitions very well throughout, and leaves you wanting more!