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Aniyah K. Alzumei is an artist.
Studied by observations of life through a perspective skewed in realities upbringing, an artist, anthropologist.
Expressed through mediums of paint, pens, pencils, sound and words.
It is difficult to describe such a busy girl.

2016 is.....?

Moving out of Phoenix, AZ!
After 11 years in the Valley, Aniyah choose 2016 to be the year she, and her projects went international.
Traveling this year through Mexico, Aniyah Alzumei states her goals for this trip are to;

“Experience and explore art in other languages. To diversify where all of the inspirations coming from, ya know? I love Phoenix, so I am really looking forward to experiencing other art meccas around the world and see how they maybe the same, or different. I think it will bring me to another place in my art, a new perspective.”

“As a dedicated professional artist, life revolves around creation. Every morning there are no distractions, just blank canvases, and empty paper. The blankness of it all can become intimidating if you don’t just dive in. So with my first cup of coffee comes my first crumpled mess. By the end of the first pot, I am awake and so is my hand! Living this way, makes it easier for me to stay in this mind. I really do admire friends who have to switch minds, and still do. I admire them, because it is not easy to create.”

What’s new?

Last year (2015) Visceral Art was published as zine editions. 1-7 came out in the inaugural year of Visceral Art, in 2016 all the editions from last year became chapters. Visceral Art edition 8, will be published in late summer. Each chapter will still be illustrated to begin the theme, and the 7 pieces of poetry following will take the reader on a journey. For example the chapter to be called ‘The ways you’ll love me’, revolves around the concept of societal pressures. The ways the ‘if’ is inserted as a caveat to acceptance.

And what about the band?

People have asked a lot in the last few months what is to become of the band, Kinetic Catalyst. My answer has remained the same, I am still here. I have been, and I will be. As a band, Kinetic Catalyst has been blessed to work with some of the most talented musicians in Phoenix. As an improv jazz band, Kinetic Catalyst will begin to move across cultures. Every young thing must grow, and Kinetic Catalyst, myself, we are no different! To explore gives the sound the chance to mature and grow. To explore gives the movement a chance to take hold. Look for new music on SoundCloud, Youtube and Facebook as Kinetic Catalyst will be priming to blow your mind!

Why do you create?

Lets be real, ok?
This world we live in is experiencing all manner of turbulence. One that I have noted on a personal, and societal level is that of self neglect. I swear we are nicer to people outside of us. Say you stub your toe, whats your dialogue? Inner? Outer? Do you doubt your intelligence (stupid) for the slam? Do you curse your defective (body part) for the infraction? In either of those you dammed yourself from the inside. Thats way more powerful than, me for example witnessing and calling you dumb.... I would be a jerk and you would not necessarily believe you were dumb... Now stub your toe, call yourself an idiot. Go to bed, sore toe, idiot accusations fresh. How’s your next morning? Why do we live in a time where loving you first, and best is an uncommon bond?
My art, addresses love. I hope to inspire love.

Five years from now?

In five years, I still wanna be improv and raw. Maybe in five years theres a crew behind me that do too!
In five years, a bilingual album! The 5th album... ;)
Hmmm... In five years, I hope I had no clue today, what I was about to do.

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Visceral Art; 8th edition
Price: $7.99 USD. Words: 8,840. Language: English. Published: June 30, 2016. Categories: Poetry » Female authors
Visceral Art is a poetry zine, from Artist creator, Aniyah Alzumei. In its second year, Visceral Art combines visual art and poetry. The art beginning each chapter gives the reader a glimpse of the content held within. In this years compilation, the chapters follow the same format. I hope you enjoy this years compilation and invite you to follow me on social media for the most current news!

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