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AnnaRose is a long time fan of science fiction, fantasy and paranormal fiction living in ethnically diverse California. She's also a Mom and shares her life with two unswervingly loyal dogs and two fairly indifferent cats.

It's all about the opposable thumbs.

Anna is fond of strong female characters, rather than shrinking violets, and her vampires don't sparkle or wander around the planet, steeped in inconsolable angst.

When she's not buried in her writing, she's out and about with her camera taking pictures of anything that doesn't move away too quickly, though she's got some great pictures of unidentifiable blurs, too.

The "Sumaire Web" is a series of novels and short stories that begin in mid 1600's Ireland and continue on to modern times.

The first novel in the series is "Siofra" (pronounced she-fruh). It is available in both ebook and print formats. The second novel in the series, "Fiach Fola", is due for release in late 2012.

You can also find a short story in the Sumaire Web called "Feasta Fola" here on Smashwords, at the Apple iBook Store and

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Smashwords Interview

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Oh, god! It was a terrible piece of fan fiction, based on the film THE LOST BOYS.

I'm so very glad the spiral notebook that contained it was lost, itself. It should never EVER see the light of day.

No vampire puns intended.
What's the story behind your latest work in progress?
Well, I'm currently working on the final book in the Sumaire Web series of vampire novels that involve Siofra and her vampire offspring, Nathaniel, Cosán Fola.

Ya, I know, another one of those ridiculous Irish Gaelic titles.

Right now, Siofra and Nathaniel are just trying to survive the openly hostile and murderous Vampire Council, who want them ended because they refuse to tow the line.
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