Anne Avery


Anne writes historical, contemporary, and futuristic romance as Anne Avery and Kate Holmes, and romantic suspense as Anne Woodard. She loves writing but isn’t quite so fond of websites and social media and being organized, so she’s just now floundering her way into the modern on-line world.

Anne started writing and submitting her stories when rejection slips were printed on mimeograph machines (you younger readers will have to look that up!). She financed her subscriptions to Writer's Digest with baby sitting and created her masterpieces on an ancient manual typewriter her mother had used in college. Anne’s first computer was a huge step forward: It had 64K RAM and used dual 5.5" floppy discs—one for the operating system and one for the documents. And it was portable—only 25 lbs! How cool was that?! Of course, these days she has a couple laptops, a tablet, a printer that scans, copies, prints, and faxes...and she still hasn’t figured out Facebook.

Besides writing, Anne has worked in engineering and, later, commercial forecasting for the telephone company; has served as Budget and Fiscal Officer at the US Embassy in Cyprus; Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer at the US Embassy in Venezuela; and Cultural Affairs Officer at the US Embassy in Ecuador. After leaving the Foreign Service (she loved the work and the life but not the 100-hour work weeks or going months without even one day off!), Anne wandered back to the Colorado Springs, Colorado area where her family first put down roots in the 1880’s and where her father grew up. Following several years working as head of Community Relations for the catalog company, Current, Inc., Anne plunged into the life of a starving full-time author. As a person who enjoys a nice meal, preferably with wine, Anne found the starving-author life left something to be desired, so after 21 novels and novellas published by Love Spell, NAL, Bantam, Harlequin, and Zebra, Anne returned to the 9-to-5 working life. Presently, she works for the Hawai’i State Department of Health as an Emergency Preparedness Planner and lives next door to her sister and brother-in-law in a rain forest outside of Hilo, Hawai’i with Magoo, her blind orange friend who packs 600 pounds of attitude into 6 pounds of dog.


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