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Life Of A 'prayer
Price: Free! Words: 4,210. Language: English. Published: September 6, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories, Fiction » Humor & comedy » General
In a world where dipterans have hunted most species to extinction, James is a Sprayer. He has had a hard life and he deserves to die in peace. If only, he weren't dying so young. It isn't all gloom and doom though, sharing his world are air-pirate heroines, metallic Gorillas and Horses that run on steam. Oh and airships!
Mr. Bear
Price: Free! Words: 2,700. Language: English. Published: January 3, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories
(4.30 from 10 reviews)
Jane is just trying to make it on her own and she was doing fine until she ran into trouble...of the bear variety!

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  • Pulse: Book I Binuit-Namri Chronicles on Nov. 17, 2011

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  • Betrayal on Feb. 23, 2012

    What do we read about in Regency romances: A battered, abused heroine-check! A cynical rakish hero-check! The cruel world making it impossible for them to come together-check! The most villainous snake about to marry the heroine-check! Really good friends of the couple-check! This novel had it all! Don't get me wrong, I really liked it too. Another thing I liked was that it was not a heavy weight and yet he author managed to write a good book and I didn't feel being rushed. Yes, maybe it is time for romances to have heroes who actually LISTEN to the heroine and for heroines who don't forgive the guy every offense just because they're in love. But this novel is a good read for all fans of regency romances!
  • Awakening the Nightmare on Feb. 26, 2012

    Amazing book! It is more UF than PNR. I loved how Nick was the one doing the wooing (if it can be called that) and how he seemed to respect her privacy. I really liked Cory's character-how kickass and selfless she was and still unsure about her control. The story was exactly the right length but it does have potential to be developed into a series. I would love to read more about Edge and whether he finds his match. And whether it goes alright for the Alpha of the werewolf pack and Kendall. The humor was done well. The mystery surrounding Cory's lineage only made the book more interesting. And there was just the right amount of love scenes!
  • The Offices of Naughty and Nice: Winters on March 11, 2012

    This was a fun, erotic book. It wasn't too lengthy or too short. There wasn't much romance, though. The story ended on a happy note and would work as a good pick-me-up when you're in the mood for something light and need a break after some heavy reading!
  • The Zombie Story The Chronicles of Orlando on March 17, 2012

    I enjoyed reading this book for various reasons: it had zombies in it! it was YA but there were no love triangles or romance in it! the whole zombies evolving idea was good and may turn into something even better in the next book! However: there were some misspelled words here and there. the events in the story don't gel together. I think this would be a good book for any young readers who are just beginning to learn how cool zombies are!
  • How Gods Bleed on April 05, 2012

    ** spoiler alert ** Loved this book! the book is about people belonging to a city that is the first line of defense for humans. If the werewolves ever tried to take over the human empire, this would be where the first battle would take place. Naturally, the people living in such a place have to be extraordinary-always alert and ready to defend. Add to that a king who would do anything to ensure his people's survival and warriors who worship him. Could it be more awesome?Yes, it can. The king not only wants to win every war, he also plans to make the werewolves fear him and his warriors. The tricks and maneuvers that the king uses to instill fear in the werewolves are just.. wow! Then there is Cada Varl- the coolest immortal you'll ever read about. He's the best and yet he never gloats but just goes on being his rockin' self! And of course, the 6 Helluvan warriors (poor 7th best warrior) were just that..one helluva adventure!
  • Shades of Grey on May 18, 2012

    There are some writers..hand them anything and they turn it into a story..Michael Cargill is one of them. The three stories in this anthology are simple stuff but that doesn’t make them less interesting. The first story,”Shades of Grey”, is about John. He’s a man who works for the government and is absolutely insane. The second story is “There and Back Again” which focuses on James who is a British soldier taking part in a war for the first time. The ambiance and the emotions of the war are described beautifully, as is the feeling of guilt and shame when a soldier is asked to retreat. The last story is called, “Down the Rabbit Hole”, about Tom who has an abusive father whose behavior is getting worse everyday. Then Tom’s favorite toy bunny starts to talk to the kid and solves his problems its own way. All three stories are based on characters that are flawed due to events in their past and are trying to rise above it.
  • The Emerald City on June 21, 2012

    This was such a refreshing book! Another YA novel that I’d recommend to those of us who aren’t too into them. The book had everything: a teenager who acted her age, was smart and kicked butt-not dumb enough to dismiss the strange ongoings in her school like most YA protagonists would have done. characters that kept me interested throughout-Nick’s zombieness made him all the more fun and Lydia was cute. the right beginning and a balanced ending-the book wasn’t too long either. there were some spelling mistakes, yes. the humor was done just right. It was fun, witty and a quick read-I just couldn’t put the book down till I was done reading.
  • Tales from Brookgreen: Gardens, Folklore, Ghost Stories, and Gullah Folktales in the South Carolina Lowcountry on Aug. 12, 2012

    The Mistress of Brookgreen: Reads a bit like E.Nesbit or Enid Blyton stories. A simple introduction about a capable lady who fell in love, married someone else and then fell in love again to marry the man she loved. Don’t Tief! A sweet story about how stealing rice from your boss can't be a crime! The White Lady of the Hermitage: The story tells us about how the White Lady came to haunt the Hermitage. Ghost Ships: Would you build a beach house with the pillars of an abandoned Church? Brother Gator and His Friends: A few short fables about the animals of the swamp. Crab Boy’s Ghost: Cousin Corrie was too scared too try to catch a Stone Crab and with good reason! The Wachesaw Ghosts: An ancient Indian burial ground is discovered along with their ghosts. The Great Sandy Island Expedition: How the residents were involved in putting together a folktales book. Beautiful stories written in a style that begs to be heard, instead of being read.
  • Chaos Children on Aug. 14, 2012

    I got this from Smashwords and it wasn't mentioned that this was a prequel. The author has a way of drawing you in to the story. Even though, I loved the part about how the first vampire came into being, I couldn't connect to the rest of the characters. It might be because I haven't read Solstice Night. The concluding love scene was just meh too.
  • Nordic Fairies (Novella series) on Aug. 15, 2012

    What I liked about it: Interesting concept that the story's based on-both sides hire people and offer incentives. the sweet love scenes going on between the MC. the very real possibility that Trym might be working for the dark side. the mystery behind the lady in the jewel shop. What I didn't like: there was no explanation about the two factions of fairies other than one was bad and the other good. I would have liked some info about them and who led them.
  • Raisinheart on Aug. 15, 2012

    The anthology comprises of three short stories about Jimmy-a loner and a nerd. Magic: How do you get rid of a friend you don't like? By making a "Make-Out Chamber" for them! Awards: How do you get rid of a bully? By making friends with a jock, of course! Glory: A friend's betrayal. A story with a sad ending and my favorite out of all three.
  • Sexy Teenage Vampires on Aug. 15, 2012

    Three short stories in this bundle. Sexy Teenage Vampires: An old man who has "already seen everything" comes across something he hasn't seen before! Return of the Sexy Teenage Vampires: A man gets to meet the bloodsucking duo while waiting for his train. Attack of the Sexy Teenage Vampires: Even vampires have to keep up with the current trends-fangs were so last season!
  • The Goat and the Heathen, 2nd ed. on Aug. 16, 2012

    A short erotic romance. There's very little story development but the synopsis of the book doesn't promise one. The romance between the MC is sweet and hot. The roommate was funny and quirky and I liked her.
  • The Part-Time People on Aug. 16, 2012

    What David wrote in his application was by far the most interesting thing in this story and I would have loved it, if the author had went on with that. We are never told what becomes of Gwen and I would have liked to know where she ended up. Not one of the author's best.
  • Catch on Aug. 17, 2012

    What I liked about it: all that action from the get go-even though, the book wasn't a big one, the action made it feel like an even quicker read. loved how Catch got involved in the kidnapping. I liked how the male lead was flawed just like the bad guy and had to deal with his past every day. Loved how Hallie showed backbone and her inability to let her father go, even when she came to know who he was. What I didn't like: the little alien girl- that part was just sprung on us. I'm so sure Stark isn't dead and am hoping we'll see him again, if there's a sequel. The govt. lady letting Catch and Hallie go seemed improbable but again, if there will be a sequel.. A fast paced thriller and I liked it!
  • Knock on the Noggin and Other Stories on Sep. 20, 2012

    The Silent Girlfriend: Scientists discover that there is such a thing as a "soul" and that it doesn't leave, when a person dies. It sticks around. 4 stars. The Goldfish: Second story in this collection. Henry's girlfriend loves him a lot and he loves her back. Too bad, one of them is a Goldfish! 2 stars. Knock on the Noggin': What would you do, if a beautiful girl fell from the sky and told you she loved you? 3 stars.
  • Between The Land And The Sea on Sep. 20, 2012

    A book about a half mermaid, half human teenage girl with a difficult choice to make. What I liked: Both the male and female leads were sensible characters and it was like a breath of fresh air. The humor in the story, mostly because of Cruz and Megan made the story more fun. What I didn’t like:: The same ol’ trope about the hottest guy in the school falling for the new girl has been done too many times. If you want to read a sweet, funny YA book without love triangles (or vampires), check this one out.
  • Adventures In Funeral Crashing (Funeral Crashing Mysteries #1) on Sep. 23, 2012

    The book's based on an intriguing topic and I loved that. It had everything a YA novel requires: a not-so popular female lead who reads (shocking, I know) and has problems at home which make her weirder the hottest guy in school the estranged bitchy mean girl/ex bff I just had one small issue with it and that was this book is yet another example of the current trend. The trend that divides kids into the popular and not-popular groups. I know that's how it is at school but shouldn't authors try to make girls see their uniqueness, instead of emphasizing that the female lead isn't popular, so she's weird? Even then, I had a good time reading this book. Oh and I liked Troy much better than Ethan hehe
  • Nordic Fairies (Novella series) on Nov. 06, 2012

    What I liked about it: Interesting concept that the story's based on-both sides hire people and offer incentives. the sweet love scenes going on between the MC. the very real possibility that Trym might be working for the dark side. the mystery behind the lady in the jewel shop. What I didn't like: there was no explanation about the two factions of fairies other than one was bad and the other good. I would have liked some info about them and who led them.
  • Temporary Monsters on Nov. 11, 2012

    The story is written well and enough action happens, even though this is a novella. I liked the dark ambiance of the world created in the story but I do think a little background about the world existing parallel to this one was needed. I mean, I couldn't understand, if everybody knew about that world or was it a secret. And if everybody knew about it, why was the appearance of a vampire such a shock? The ending felt a little abrupt to me too. I'd like to read the next one before I decide.
  • The Second Dragdani Prophecy (Part 1 of the Dragdani Prophecies) re-edited on Dec. 28, 2012

    What I liked about this book: the beginning was sweet and interested me enough to read ahead the humor which sprung up in unlikely places and kept the tale from being too dark- the exchange between Delsani and Peter about "roadrunner" was one such scene. the relationship between John and Helene how the different factions seemed to mistrust each other, even though they were on the same side and the funny situations it led to. What I didn't like: quite a few spelling mistakes-obvious enough to put me off the dialogue felt awkward in a lot of places like a lot of first books, this one contains scenes that could be left out or happen off stage, as well as, repetitive conversations the Council plans to mess with Peter's memories and his mom agrees to it? Peter's personality is inconsistent-sometimes we're told he's shy in front of strangers and at other times, he behaves in the exact opposite way! the scene where Peter starts to confront his bully of a teacher- it breaks off and there's this huge info dump and then we're thrown back into the scene again. What I found confusing: how could nothing be known about the Valcotas? why was there a lot of misunderstanding about the prophecies/ wizard history?
  • Angel Evolution on Jan. 24, 2013

    What I liked: I really liked the author’s idea of combining evolution with angels & demons mythology-however, the issue of the snake that started it all needs further delving in. Maybe it will be touched upon in the sequels. Of course, the superiority complex that all angels seemed to be a prey of and to what lengths they’d go to keep it that way was another interesting bit. both the angel and the demon did NOT fall in love with the heroine- very refreshing in a YA novel. What I didn’t like: the treatment of Gargoyles-if I’m correct, they’re the result of unions between two angels or two demons which makes them their offsprings…sub intelligent but still their kids. Why are they treated like animals by both sides? And not only are the supes okay with that, so were the humans? Taylor took a lot of things too calmly and she switches between hating and loving Gabe a little too much & too easily. This is a fast paced YA novel with a unique spin on angel/demon myth. I liked it a lot!
  • There Can't Be Shadows Without Light on Jan. 26, 2013

    I really liked this book for several reasons: there seemed to be something happening all the time! the humor was done very well. even though the family had magical powers, they also seemed to have limits! the story kept me interested throughout and I liked the myriad of characters involved in it. My favorites were Thymane & Randy. the book was the third in the series and I haven't read the first two books, not once did I feel clueless-it may be more enjoyable by readers following the series but I had a lot of fun reading it anyway. However, the books needs editing and this kept me from rating it higher. Readers who would like a fun fast paced book should try this one!
  • Water on Feb. 20, 2013

    What I liked: the whole idea about people close to nature & how they could draw energy from it was interesting. the story started well and kept my interest as it progressed. the cover is really pretty! What I didn't like: the Seven were short on funds...so much so that they didn't eat too well most days, yet they could travel all around the world? I don't think causing an increase in the phytoplankton population can be that easy and even if it was, there are always consequences when humans think they know better than nature. Kaitlyn's attraction to Micah was too insta-love for me! She accepts everything too easily-kidnapping, almost maiming, almost rape, killing of other Gaias etc. How nobody, even wise Cato, could see how unstable Shawn really was. I understood Micah's reasons for what he did in the greenhouse & why Shawn hatched that plan too. What I didn't get was how Kaitlyn could forgive either of them.
  • Midnight Marriage: A Georgian Historical Romance on Sep. 09, 2013

    *Well written & well edited * Free on Smashwords * Cute romance with a misunderstood rakish hero & a different from other girls heroine with a tarnished reputation. * I liked how the couple overcame all the odds which led to a happy, if typical, ending.
  • The Dragon of Doughton Park on July 12, 2014

    What I liked: Cliff's character is fun reading about - he chews on stuff and hesitates making rash decisions but he ends up exactly that! the Inner Circle pack wasn't stupid - they guessed Danielle might be spying for her master etc Nicole & her problems with Cody seemed genuine - she's an Omega & he's a dominant, things shouldn't be smooth in their relationship & they weren't how Cliff realized that they didn't have much of a plan when the packs attacked the vampire nightclubs & that it was luck that got them through. It thus becomes essential for any battles in the future books to be meticulously planned out. the twist at the end - can't wait to see where Claire's been up to! What I didn't like: Cliff's soft spot for Danielle has become irritating - when will he get over it? There wasn't much indication in the first half of the book about Cliff being hung up on Claire and suddenly he just was? I would have liked some more details about the Dragon & his sidekick but I'm pretty sure, we'll learn more in the next book. A good follow up to an interesting book!