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Lost In the Woods
An Author’s Wayward Path
I was born near Doncaster England in 1961 but later moved south to Sussex, where I lived for many years. One of my (several schools) was at Battle, a small town named after that historic conflict in 1066. You know the one, it culminated with poor Harold getting that arrow in his eye and those rude Normans invading our green and pleasant land. Growing up so close to that scene of ancient carnage awarded me a fascination for all things Dark Age.
I am also victim to a weird and random imagination, resulting in a love of epic stories and epic story telling. This affliction prompted me to delve deep into the worlds of Tolkien, Peake, Eddison and Moorcock. Also about this time I commenced drawing imaginary maps and inventing stories about wonderfully nasty folk, doing wonderfully nasty things, whilst pent up in gloomy unpleasant places.
Then at 18 years daft, I found myself thrust deep into the Queen’s Housold Cavalry. How I arrived there I cannot quite recall. The result was a sharp dose of reality. But not a cure – the affliction ran deep. I left the regiment, and for a time wandered hazy through life hitting nails with hammers, sailing brigantines through southern waters, drinking venomous concoctions with venomous companions, and yes, reading lots more ghastly fantasy books.
At 27 years I became to a degree sensible. I married Rae, a watercolour artist and passionate Celt, and got a helter skelter career hauling trucks around the British countryside. The trouble with hauling trucks around the British countryside is that it lets the mind ramble, when not being tortured by local radio. The result of that rambling was more stories flittering around inside this trucker’s spacious head.
Then, during one dark winter night back in 1993, whilst parked forlorn outside a dreary inn, something profound happened. I stumbled into Corin an Fol: a moody, difficult individual mooching about in a deep tangled wood (my imagination). That wood grew in to a world (not as hard as it sounds when you write fantasy stuff). The world became Ansu, home to all manner of mismatched mortals and grumpy gods. Years later a plot appeared through the murky trees. It found Corin lost and wandering and introduced him to some other unruly types, resulting in The Shattered Crown. This epic debut was scrawled out with biro ink on paper and still lurks somewhere close. I’m too scared to read it.
But The Shattered Crown couldn’t contain its characters. These were (and still are) a very rough lot. They demanded a sequel. Instead (just to show who the boss was,) I focussed on a prequel, Fall of Gol being the result. But still the characters would not leave me alone. And so started The Legends of Ansu a forthcoming series of otherworldly tales, mostly involving Corin.
In late 2012 Rae lost her battle with cancer. I had always promised her a Cornish ghost story based on one of her evocative paintings. And so was born a novella called The Haven. A spooky yarn blending mystery and suspense with past and present. I hope that she likes it. We both loved Cornwall where we lived for many years. During our time there I met with Roger Garland the Tolkien Illustrator, who kindly consented to creating some images and illustrations for my work.
During 2013 I left the world of big wheels behind and focussed instead on writing full time. I also moved to Georgia, married my lovely Joanne who I’ve known for nearly 30 years. Now at long last I am ready to unleash the first two legends: Gol and The Shattered Crown. The third legend: The Lost Prince will be available later this year and the forth: The Glass Throne in 2016. JWW.

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Price: Free! Words: 178,610. Language: English. Published: October 8, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic, Fiction » Fantasy » General
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Gol is book one in an epic fantasy series titled Legends of Ansu. The story thread focuses on two lovers torn apart by cruel fate. Lissane - baron's daughter, and dreamer Erun Cade. These two strive to save their war torn lands from imminent destruction, but the gods have other ideas. Gol fuses myth and magic with tough dialogue and gritty action. It wil appeal to Tolkien and Game of Thrones fans.

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