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Antonio Simon, Jr. is an award-winning author of several books. His debut fantasy/comedy adventure novel, "The Gullwing Odyssey" was an instant hit in 2013. He has won the prestigious Royal Palm Literary Award; the Pacific Book Award; Indie Book of the Day; and the Reader's Favorite Five-Star seal.

Antonio’s interests are as varied as his literary repertoire. He is a local historian and has written "Miami Is Missing", which delves into the hidden history of the Magic City, with all its glitz and scandal. His public appearances on Miami’s history never fail to enlighten and entertain. He is also an avid tabletop gamer and the author of "R.A.G.E.: Roleplay Adventure Gaming Engine", a fun, innovative, and original roleplaying game system.

He holds a law degree from Saint Thomas University School of Law and two undergraduate degrees (Political Science and History) from the University of Miami. He lives in Miami, Florida.

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1. Tell us a little about yourself.
That's a tough one to answer. I pride myself on my humility, you see. [Grins]. I'm a lawyer, an author, and an entrepreneur.
2. When did you start writing, and why?
I started writing when I realized I had a face for radio and a voice for print. By then I figured there had to be something I was good at, and as it turns out, I'm not half bad at writing.
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Shadows And Teeth, Volume 2
Pre-release—available April 30, 2017. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 78,730. Language: English. Published by Darkwater Syndicate, Inc.. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Horror, Fiction » Horror » General
Prepare for extreme horror. This unique collection of ten stories features a range of international talent: award-winning authors, masters of horror, rising stars, and fresh new voices in the genre. Take care as you reach into these dark places, for the things here bite, and you may withdraw a hand short of a few fingers.
Toll Road: A Contemporary Horror Short Story
Price: Free! Words: 9,560. Language: English. Published: January 24, 2017 by Darkwater Syndicate, Inc.. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Undead, Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Supernatural
Every road has its price; every choice has its consequences: a professional kidnapper gets more than he bargained for when his latest abduction leads to terrifying supernatural encounters on the Florida Turnpike. A short story featured in the horror anthology, "Shadows And Teeth, Volume Two."
Shadows And Teeth, Volume 1
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 76,550. Language: English. Published: April 30, 2016 by Darkwater Syndicate, Inc.. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Horror, Fiction » Anthologies » Short stories - multi-author
Prepare for extreme horror. This collection of ten stories features a range of international talent, award-winning authors and new voices in the genre. Take care as you reach into these dark places, for the things here bite, and you may withdraw a hand short of a few fingers.
Water, Ice, And Vice: A Contemporary Horror Short Story
Price: Free! Words: 8,500. Language: English. Published: April 6, 2016 by Darkwater Syndicate, Inc.. Categories: Fiction » Horror » General
Revenge is a drink best served chilled: Jeremy’s new apartment harbors a demonic wish-granting fridge, which he uses to exact bloody vengeance on his obnoxious roommate. A short story featured in the horror anthology, "Shadows And Teeth, Volume One."
Fifteen Dollars' Guilt
You set the price! Words: 7,840. Language: English. Published: August 2, 2015 by Darkwater Syndicate, Inc.. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Short stories, Fiction » Fantasy » Historical
Some find their life’s calling in a flash of insight, or through sleepless nights of toil. For others, it takes an act of kindness. But when one man’s charity helps another realize his calling is to end a third man’s life, what then? And what is one to do when the intended victim is the president of the United States?
You set the price! Words: 7,170. Language: English. Published: August 2, 2015 by Darkwater Syndicate, Inc.. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Short stories, Fiction » Fantasy » Historical
Awards & Accolades -- First Place, Royal Palm Literary Award 2015, Short Fiction 4004 BC: In this retelling of the Adam & Eve story, a hermit’s life is turned upside-down by the arrival of a mysterious woman in his camp. As the story of their portentous meeting carries forward through the millennia, only time will tell if Lilith is a heroine, a victim, or a monster.
Company Man Sighting #1
You set the price! Words: 2,590. Language: English. Published: November 10, 2014 by Darkwater Syndicate, Inc.. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Weird fiction
Late one night, a mysterious stranger wanders into a diner off the interstate highway. He orders coffee, takes a refill, and steps back out into a downpour. The waiter knows there’s something off about his visitor, but he has no way of knowing just how otherworldly this stranger is until the authorities call him in for a recorded statement the next day.
Nebmahket: Self-Styled King Of The Nile Is King Of The Vile
You set the price! Words: 2,520. Language: English. Published: November 10, 2014 by Darkwater Syndicate, Inc.. Categories: Fiction » Humor & comedy » Black comedy
Egyptologists unlock a three thousand year old mystery when they unearth a tablet identifying Nebmahket, the forgotten son of Pharaoh Ramesses II. They soon learn why the ancient Egyptians were quick to cover up Nebmahket’s existence – the angry young man ate nine babies in his lifetime, two of which were his own children.
El Candímetro Is In Braille
You set the price! Words: 3,060. Language: English. Published: November 10, 2014 by Darkwater Syndicate, Inc.. Categories: Fiction » Humor & comedy » General
I got a jury summons for my eighteenth birthday, thanks to the dual misfortunes of having survived that long and not having committed any felonies along the way. Growing up in Miami in the eighties, it was something of a perfect storm.
Madame Sundry's Sundries Emporium
You set the price! Words: 2,410. Language: English. Published: November 10, 2014 by Darkwater Syndicate, Inc.. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Weird fiction
Sundry’s Antiques boasts the largest collection of porcelain dolls. With their painted-up faces and beady glass eyes, you’d almost think they were watching you.
Hot Wires To Heaven: A Light Socket Love Story
You set the price! Words: 2,390. Language: English. Published: November 10, 2014 by Darkwater Syndicate, Inc.. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Weird fiction
A married man fights off the amorous advances of a ceiling light fixture. Maybe, if he’d put a light bulb in it like his wife asked him to, it’d have left him alone.
Red Airwaves
You set the price! Words: 3,660. Language: English. Published: November 10, 2014 by Darkwater Syndicate, Inc.. Categories: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Spies & espionage
At the height of the cold war, one man decodes clandestine signals broadcast over a shortwave radio station. His discovery pushes the world to the brink of global nuclear disaster.
Forgotten Spaces: Poetry For A Pensive Mood
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 4,640. Language: English. Published: November 6, 2014 by Darkwater Syndicate, Inc.. Categories: Fiction » Poetry » Themes & motifs, Fiction » Poetry » Contemporary Poetry
These twenty-five poems explore the dark paths on our walks through life: addiction, bereavement, solitude. These are the forgotten spaces, blighted areas we pretend don't exist. Everybody's got one. Tread lightly.
Transit Dreams
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 29,510. Language: English. Published: September 6, 2013 by Darkwater Syndicate, Inc.. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Flash fiction, Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary
Ever get kicked out of a Chinese buffet for eating all of their oranges? What do you do when bombs start dropping on your evening commute? And how on Earth did that red Buick punt that shopping cart into a tree? Step aboard with these twenty-two short stories that delve into the oddities of our daily lives. You’re in for a ride.
The Gullwing Odyssey
Series: Gullwing, Book 1. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 88,650. Language: English. Published: August 8, 2013 by Darkwater Syndicate, Inc.. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » General, Fiction » Humor & comedy » General
A four-time award winning fantasy/comedy adventure. When an unusual assignment sends Marco overseas, he finds himself dodging pirates and a hummingbird with an appetite for human brains. Little does he know the fate of a civilization may rest upon his shoulders. In spite of himself, Marco becomes the hero he strives not to be.

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  • The Red Man on July 30, 2013

    Artfully written, The Red Man is a suspenseful tale that builds steadily up through its terrifying conclusion.
  • Assisted Suicide on July 30, 2013

    Solid supernatural suspense and packed with more twists than you'd expect in a short story.
  • Dog Food on July 30, 2013

    A fun read, this short story is the flip-side to the old adage, "man's best friend."
  • Empire (In Her Name, Book 4) on Aug. 12, 2013

    Empire: In Her Name is the first in Michael Hick's Empire sci-fi series. The novel tells the story of Reza, a human boy orphaned during the invasion of Earth by a race of savage warriors. Young Reza endures all manner of trials as he grows up and seeks out his place in life. Interestingly, there is more to the invading species than appears at first glance. They are an honorable race of warriors who eschew bullets in favor of melee combat. Just two things irked me. First, the French girl from planet France. The love interest at the beginning of the novel is from a planet of non-human, human-like people. Her father is a Frenchman from Earth. It's never explained how two distinct species from separate planets produced offspring, nor is it explained how the culture of an entire planet's inhabitants might all so closely resemble that of the country of France. My second gripe is that it was like Avatar in reverse: instead of humans invading blue aliens, it's the other way around. That aside, these gripes are insignificant and do not break the story in any way. On the whole, Empire: In Her Name is a fun sci-fi romp packed full of swordplay, which is a refreshing combination given the genre's reliance on laser beams and death rays.
  • Sword from the Sky on Aug. 25, 2013

    By appearances, Luca is a normal young man with aspirations to become a swordmaster. By how badly he wants this, he would seem to have the makings of becoming the best swordmaster ever, especially since has a wooden leg. But what Luca doesn't know is that he is nowhere near normal. Little does he know that his very birth was a controversy, and before too long his shadowy past catches up to him. If you're a fan of high fantasy, swordplay, and magic, then this book is for you. R. Janvier Del Valle weaves a tale of epic swordplay, royal intrigue, and heroic strength to persevere in the face of insurmountable setbacks.
  • Earth Power on Aug. 27, 2013

    A unique paranormal twist on the time-honored detective story. Harry Gill's death marks the latest traffic fatality on the "Road to Hell" bypass. While ordinarily the matter would be left to the police, Raphael Drake and Sam Watkins, private investigators of the Aquarius Agency, are called in to investigate the mysterious goings-on. On hearing reports of shadowy figures seen of the roadway at the time of each incident, they suspect there may be an otherworldly cause to the deaths. Their investigation hopscotches across several paranormal events -- poltergeists, ley lines, druids and witches -- resulting in their coming to the foreboding notion that a still greater threat looms. Admittedly, what with the mysterious deaths, a haunted roadway, and other occurrences, there is a lot going on in this novel. It is all artfully handled, but you'll need to pay close attention or else you'll miss an important element of the story. It is, after all, a detective story, and as with any detective story there are clues to unearth and leads to follow. It may all seem piecemeal at first blush, but by the end everything jives together. The writing is crisp and to the point, as you would expect from a hard-boiled detective novel, but without the cynical grit typical of that genre. Direct as the language is, it's also approachable, witty, and engaging. The characters are a motley gang. You've got Sam, the hard line ex-cop, Raphael, who may be a burgeoning mystic due to his unique sensitivities, Gemini the tarot card fortune teller, and Denny the newspaper reporter. How a group this varied can work together is anybody's guess, saying nothing of how one can expect them to solve the mystery, but suffice it to say that it's a lot of fun to watch them try. Definitely give this one a try -- it's a good read.
  • A Victory that Counts on Sep. 03, 2013

    This novel, second in the series, follows Liana's exploits amid an inter-species war. Once enemies, the vampires and the pandurs (fierce human fighters) now have joined forces against a common threat: a new breed of vampire out for blood. I've read enough vampire books to know what to expect when I come across one in a book. Even so, I would like to have seen a clearer depiction of these vampires, or perhaps a new twist on the vampire theme. Likewise for the pandurs. I know this is the second book in the series, and I've not read the first, which may put me at a disadvantage in terms of knowing what the series is about. Yet, I feel that the book would have benefited from a few extra passages to bring the reader up to speed. That aside, this novel is an interesting take on the "humans versus vampires" theme. The "new breed" of vampire is ferocious to the point of animal savagery, so much so that even the older race of vampires has realized the threat their "cousins" (in name only) pose. Furthermore, Liana makes for a charismatic and strong female lead, who commands the respect and admiration of her troops, whether they be human or vampire. On the whole, this novel made for an entertaining read, particularly for fans of the vampire novel genre.
  • The Many Deaths Of Cyan Wraithwate on March 12, 2014

    Cyan Wraithwate has a battle-ax, poor impulse control, and immortality. This all makes him fun to watch, so long as you keep a safe distance away. As the old adage goes, "be careful what you wish for." Cyan learns much too late that the immortality he so eagerly accepted as a blessing turns out to be a curse. With each passing day, more of his body turns into lifeless iron. He sets out on a desperate race against time to save his skin, and possibly even his soul too, along the way. While Cyan is the book's protagonist, that in no way suggests that he is a "good guy." He's selfish, self-absorbed, and has a quick temper, and these personality traits don't win him any friends. As much of a jerk as Cyan is, it's always satisfying to watch the terrible (and some creative) ways he meets his (temporary) end. And by the same token, you wonder if he'll ever learn his lesson and stop being so self-absorbed, if only for his own sake. What struck me about the book is that the writing is "different." I couldn't put my finger on it at first, but later I learned that the book is actually very old, the author having written it in the 1960's. As a result, the plot, pace, and author's choice of words aren't like our contemporary fantasy today; rather, the book reads more like fantasy novels from decades past, from which the author drew inspiration. It's a great read and definitely one you'll not want to miss!
  • A Murder of Crows on June 23, 2016

    Taking a page from Hitchcock's classic film, "The Birds," this eerie short story features a young couple who are troubled by the odd behavior of the crows outside their window. Things take a turn for the supernatural when the birds start putting terse messages into their heads - threats of bodily harm and death if they don't leave their new home at once. It's a chilling read.
  • Colder Still on June 28, 2016

    A chilling, genuinely frightening tale of revenge with a touch of the supernatural. This is an excellent read.
  • A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home on June 28, 2016

    Chilling, expertly written and engrossing. The author's masterful use of second person (in the form of a letter to the reader) draws the reader into the story. A unique horror experience.
  • The Microcosm Portal on June 28, 2016

    This is an exceptionally creative, almost surreal short story. The author does an exceptional job at world-building and characterization in such a short medium. The author's descriptions are vivid and concrete notwithstanding the Salvador Dali-esque feel of the story. Wonderfully written; excellent read.
  • Kimmy's Not Welcome Here Anymore on June 28, 2016

    A chilling and suspenseful short story where the supernatural lurks in unexpected places, and not all is what it seems.