Antonius K

Smashwords Interview

Hi! Let me begin with your name … why Antonius K ?
Hi, Dear Reader! It just seemed that writers have become far too serious. We see names like J R R Tolkien; J K Rowling; George R R Martin – brilliant fictional writers, by the way – and compare that to some names in Biblical Scholarship: C S Lewis; Tremper Longman III; N T Wright; Bart D Ehrman. Notice the comparison – that in both the secular and Christian literary worlds, surnames seem ultra-important. And then you look at the music/entertainment world: Cher; Sting, Beyonce; … artistic names. OK, it’s not a water-tight argument, hahaha, but I do think that theologians take themselves far too seriously sometimes – I wanted to up-end that; to shake it up a bit.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
My formative years included a boarding school in India, and an international school in Sri Lanka. Such exposure, I believed, helped me become a more rounded individual, and open to a wide range of thoughts and perspectives that encourage me to be, theologically, open.
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