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  • Guardians of the Grimoire on Nov. 09, 2011

    I first found Guardians of the Grimoire on Wattpad while I was looking around for adventure stories to read, and I can really say that to have to chance to review it is one of my greatest pleasures. From the prologue, I was already in love with the book and the way it went along. My first thought after reading Guardians of the Grimoire? Well, it was, "This book needs to be published." Imagine how glad I was when I found it that it was to become an eBook! Guardians of the Grimoire made an impact on my reading life. Or, rather, my older brother's reading life. Would you believe that a cellphone-centered teenager (who I had lost hope in when it comes to reading) would suddenly get into reading books again just because of one particular one? I have Guardians of the Grimoire to thank for the nights of reading with my brother and the fact that he's reading (adventure stories, if I may add) again! In the book Guardians of the Grimoire, Nat Slight has made a world I've always dreamed of living in as a child and even to date. She's created realms, magical lands full of adventure and mystery, and (what I loved the most) characters who don't fail to entertain me as the story progresses. How anyone can come up with so many names and different features for their own worlds, I cannot fathom, but I can conclude that Nat Slight has done a tremendous job at it! I couldn't get enough of all the creatures and places. To be honest, you could leave me in a world like that, and I wouldn't mind! I'm sure plenty of other people would agree with me when I say that the realms in Guardians of the Grimoire are simple wonderful! One of the elements that really stood out in Guardians of the Grimoire is perhaps the dialogue. It goes from a serious and captivating feel and even to something funny enough to make you laugh out loud. For real. If you made me count how many times I did laugh, I'd tell you. I enjoyed every moment with the evil Kael and Merazar. A later part in the book even made me question how on earth Nat Slight was able to make such humorous antagonists. It's just that good! And the plot itself! I say that this book is like no other for a reason. One evil god out to destroy three girls who are guardians of a great book. Add a scheming sorcerer, three magical sisters, and nonstop trials and challenges, then you get Guardians of the Grimoire! You won't want to put this book down with all its fast-paced problems and adventures! I know that I couldn't. There were a couple times when I literally had to force myself to stop reading just so I wouldn't be late for my dance classes. Not a very good idea if you have a show to do, but Guardians of the Grimoire is like your favorite ice cream flavor: addicting. It has just the right mix of a humor fantasy adventure and, somehow, a thriller. Keeps you off your seat, wondering what will happen next! You can't get enough of it! So if you're up for an adventure story that'll take you on a journey across magical lands, Guardians of the Grimoire is the book for you! Feel the emotions that leak from the different characters in this brilliant piece of work! You will surely not regret it! (My brother and I definitely don't!)