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  • The Birth of the Peacekeepers. on Jan. 14, 2010

    The Birth of the Peacekeepers is the first of five Peacekeepers books the author, Ricky Sides, has published for the Kindle. It poses the question: what happens when chaos reigns after a series of natural disasters causes the dissolution of the government and instead of peace and harmony, lawlessness and survival of the fittest become the new law of the land? Follow Jim, Lina, Pete, Bill, Tim, Patricia, Lacy and her 8-yr-old son and a cast of others as they try to set to right the wrong by banding together (peacekeepers) and helping the oppressed fight their oppressors (marauders). The narrative flows very well - I can clearly see, picture in my head, exactly what each characters are doing, kinda like watching a movie, which I consider a big plus. I can also feel the same emotions (empathized with) each character feels and goes through, i.e. horror, pain, anger, helplessness, despair, even apathy and hopelessness? Oh, and the joy, love, respect, caring and satisfaction on overcoming every strife and injustice encountered on their way to their meeting place. I despaired at what seemed-to-be hopeless encounters, even though I suspected/knew that help was on the way, and I rejoiced at every victory. The rape description was not too graphic so it did not bother me much cuz when the rules and mores of polite and civilized society goes, bad things can happen to people and in some instances, many instances, good people can become bad because of circumstances beyond their control and vice versa. We all have good and bad inclinations (tendencies) inherent in ourselves - and it's up to us, individually or collectively, to decide what path(s) we take. Should it be the path of the righteous - what the Peacekeepers took, OR the path of the depraved - what the Marauders CHOSE to take. The only problem I have is Patricia's reaction to lovemaking after her `rape'. For her to be able to accept intimacy with Tim so easily and with no signs of mental or physical trauma seems unbelievable to me. No matter how gentle, kind, or loving he is, she'd have shown some kind of negative reactions after such a horrible ordeal, it's only natural to be a little afraid of the act, no? I thoroughly enjoyed reading and getting to know the main characters and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the Peacekeepers series. After all, I need to know if Good triumphs over Evil. I am rating this 4 stars for story only, not for grammar, misuse of punctuation and/or (gasp!) beauty of prose. There were some, but not enough to ruin the reading for me.