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I'm a down home country girl! I've lived my entire life in Tornado Alley, ridden my horse over hundreds of miles of beautiful country and I'm not afraid of getting a little dirty. In addition to riding my horses and being outdoors, I love to lose myself in a good book. A well spun plot with lots of twists, a little romance and a measure of humor to offset the tension is my favorite recipe. From historical romance to paranormal mysteries, a good book will open the imagination!


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  • The Finding on Feb. 14, 2011

    Loved it!!! Didn't put it down from start to finish! Love the characters and how the plots continue to develop! Please keep writing! I just love this series and enjoyed each book so much!!
  • Bonded on Jan. 11, 2012

    FANTASTIC!!! Barely sat this down and was completely drawn into the plot! Love the Lycan series you have created and can't wait for more!!!
  • Bubba and the Zigzaggery Zombies on Jan. 15, 2014

    I was hooked from the first Bubba book! The characters are so colorful, as is the community of Pegramville. What a fun world you've created for your readers! Thank you for another entertaining story! Seeing a glimpse of Bubba with Carlotta and Blanca was so cute! Books that cause me to snort hysterically are rare and this series is a true pleasure! I still find myself chuckling randomly over the fainting goats in 12 Deadly Days. Thanks again for the escape from day to day humdrums! I will try to be patient as I wait for the next one!
  • The Lawman on Feb. 16, 2014

    This was a very enjoyable read and I really liked the chemistry between the couple. Couldn't put it down! I went on to buy the next three books and fell in love with the Avery family. Looking forward to reading His Brother's Wife. Well worth the $ spent on the series. Great work!
  • The Officer and the Bostoner (Western Historical Romance) on March 07, 2014

    I'm a big fan of historical/western romance and this was a pleasant read. I thought Wes was a likable guy, upstanding, noble and kind. I really enjoyed his character and the banter he shared with Allison. Allison's prideful ways frustrated me a bit in the beginning, but she came around towards the end of the story. Wes probably wouldn't have fallen for her if she were a complete pushover. While I liked the book, it wasn't a page turner for me and I found myself putting it down a lot. It was still worth the time I took to read it and I was glad I finished it. I am curious about the other three officers and will return to the series to find out how they fair in their searches for love.