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Smashwords book reviews by April

  • Dirty Little Angels on Sep. 10, 2011

    Dark and depressing, but clearly well written. As other reviews have stated, it's a book that you aren't sure if you like or not. The ending was unexpected, which I appreciate - there are too many books with predictable endings that seem to just pander to the audience, but this is definitely not one of them. A good read, but not for everyone.
  • Ten Typewriter Tales on Nov. 04, 2011

    I felt like the stories were very skeletal and required a good deal of fleshing out. The characters were not developed enough and some of the details detracted from the story - for example, in Corner Store, the mention of the vengeful ex-boyfriend leads the audience to think that something is going to happen with that, and yet nothing does. It is an unnecessary dangler. In more than one story, I noticed a tendency to change back and forth between tenses. The stories as a whole read more as first or second drafts rather than finished works. There is definitely promise in all of them, though. I particularly enjoyed Mish-Mash Fiction, which I thought was very original and witty. I would like to see them all fleshed out more, and then I think it could be a terrific read
  • The Telescope Builder and Other Stories on Nov. 04, 2011

    Okay, but not great.