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  • Denibus Ar on Oct. 22, 2012

    Chris Turner has done an excellent job of transporting the reader to the hot Egyptian desert, land of the Pharaohs, to an archaeological dig. Down in the dark tunnels and chambers of the Pharaoh's labyrinth-like tomb, you can actually feel the cramped dark spaces of the tunnels closing in on you, as well as the excitement of the discovery of new chambers to explore, and the terror that awaits below. Denibus Ar is the richly told tale of Hexsase, a 6-sided pyramid, newly uncovered and exposed. Archeologist Carl Langley has a bad feeling he can't quite explain on the dig of the mysterious female Pharaoh Koruka. In addition, a strange cat he calls Goldie, turns up with uncanny precision, and seems to be a troublesome cohort. The dig becomes fraught with tension, with the military commander, Captain Sarsenska, breathing even more hotly down Langley's neck than he cares for. Finding an artefact, which he uncharacteristically pockets, Langley realizes that he is falling ever deeper into the clutches of the ancient Pharaoh Koruka's mystical presence. His attempts to get rid of the artefact prove futile as it just keeps finding its way back to him. Denibus Ar is an enjoyable read.