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Arlan Twinn is my pen-name, folks. I am a grandfather to a lovely young woman I care very much about, and I wrote "What Young Women Need to Know About Men" with her in mind. I'd love it if the man she gives her heart to turns out to be a wonderful husband and father. But with the national divorce rate running upwards of 50%, the odds are barely even, aren't they? Realizing that I couldn't promise her a pain-free life or trouble-free relationships, I tried to write a few words that might help her a lot if she runs into a man who thinks more of himself---and less of her---than he should. Perhaps other wonderful young women will be helped by this book, too? I hope so.

Oh, about me? Well, I'm certainly not ashamed of what I've written. I chose a pen-name because I'm a quiet man who craves neither fame nor notoriety. More importantly, I took a pen-name to help insure my safety. Why? Because we live, unfortunately, during times when young women are sometimes stabbed to death by their boy-friends because they're trying to walk away from a bad relationship. I imagined a rock coming through my window with a hate-note attached because some young hot-head blamed his girlfriend's reading of my book for motivating her to dump him, change him, or stand-up to him. Not good!

I hope my book will stand by itself without having my aging mug or life's particulars attached to it. If the ideas in it are as true as I think they are, then they will have value long after I'm dead and forgotten. That is the goal.


What Young Women Need to Know About Men
Price: Free! Words: 16,260. Language: English. Published: September 15, 2016. Categories: Nonfiction » Relationships & Family » Dysfunctional relationships
Men can be awesome and delightful partners for the women who love them. But, they can also be unbelievably unfair, self-centered, and cruel companions. Written with a grandfather's warmth and wisdom, this book shares insights that all parents will want to discuss with daughters who are seeking and entering serious relationships with men.

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