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At the time of writing this I didn't, don't have anything that is 'social media' attached or in relation to my story. I perhaps should if I want to market it but is it really worth it for just the one publication?

So about me! My name is Stewart and I have always prefered writing to reading. I also like walking and photography. I used to write the odd short story and then one story, in particular, took on a whole new level of creativity. 4 years and 23 chapters later I had written my first novel which is why I'm here.
A few people have read the book - some avid readers themselves and have given the book 'page turner' compliments which are very satisfying. I'll be honest I want to make some money and if I make enough of it I shall write another. No point putting all that work in again if my style is somewhat disliked.
My interests lie in the past preferably the 19th century which inspires both my writing and my photography. The book highlights the horrors of enduring day to day life in the era. But I could not write 23 chapters on mud and austerity alone it had to have added spice. It was an enjoyable write and hives of midnight wax was burnt to get it to the stage it's at now. In my opinion, it will never be finished.

Smashwords Interview

What is your e-reading device of choice?
I like to use my ipad to read. I once read a really thick book on my ipad - something I would never have done with a tangible book.
Describe your desk
I have two monitors a Wacom drawing pad and a wireless keyboard. The desk itself is made of three solid oak planks and Victorian wall brackets. I made the desk myself and its something I really proud of as I hadn't made anything before and here I am with a written novel and a desk.
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