My name is David (a.k.a. Artifacs), and I'm from a beautiful region —called White Coast (Costa Blanca)— located on the East coast of Spain.

I'm very fond of reading and writing fiction, fantasy and science fiction stories. Since January, 2018 I'm writing free Spanish versions of free English books I find interesting. Plus, I publish my Spanish versions for free download —ePub and PDF formats— on my no ads website. My MO usually involves reaching out and ask authors for their permission to do this strange thing I do —writing free Spanish translations, I mean.

So far I've been lucky for having the chance to translate works from —or collaborate with— great editors and authors —and even better persons—, such as Tom Maddox, Adam Bender, G. Wells Taylor, Karl Schroeder, Mike E. Shea, Rick Dakan and Rampsey Kanaan (Editor from PM Press), Peter Watts, Cory Doctorow, Mur Laferty, Kelly Link, and many more.

If you're an author and would like to share for free your already free English novel with Spanish readers as well, then I will be very interested. So please let me know about it by sending me a direct message or an e-mail.

Twitter: @Artifacs_Libros

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