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Ashleigh Daniellé Jaelyn Cutler is the author of the "Rise of the Dragonfly" series, "A Childhood Fantasy", and "Few Know You're Crying". The daughter of two avid readers, she had a book in her hand before she could walk. One of her favorite phrases, when she began to talk, quickly became “Daddy book read”. Her parents, Jay Cutler and Pam Stepp, offered constant praise and encouragement as she made her way towards becoming the artist and author she always wanted to be.

Forced by a low immune system to be homeschooled since grade 3 (with brief attempts at public school), she graduated high school January 1, 2001 at age 15, with a GPA of 3.94 and an overall high school average of 97.94%.

Her stories, supported by the various courses she took during her school years, explore a range of social topics despite their often non-human protagonists. Her artwork's focus is wolves and illustrations.

Also known online as Ash Of Wolves until 2004, she adopted the handle AshWolf Forever in 2009 and still uses it today. Please visit her website for the complete list of just where she can be found online.

Smashwords Interview

Who are your favorite authors?
C. S. Lewis - Narnia and "The Screwtape Letters" are a huge inspiration. J. R. R. Tolkien - "The Hobbit" remains one of my favorites. J. K. Rowling - Harry Potter changed how I looked at setting up a story. Terry Brooks - "The Word and the Void" is one series I want to finish one day. Rachel Roberts - "Avalon: Web of Magic" is for younger readers but I still love it. The list goes on.
What do your fans mean to you?
My fans are everything. I wouldn't be here without them, and I know it. If the day ever comes I forget that, someone better knock some sense into me. I know of a few who will.
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Rise of the Dragonfly
Books following the coming of age of Abby Palmer as she finds her way through faith, adulthood and the supernatural.

Mask of the Dragon

Price: $4.99 USD.

Path of the Dragon

Price: $4.99 USD.


Path of the Dragon
Series: Rise of the Dragonfly, Book 2. Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 54,710. Language: English. Published: June 28, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Paranormal
Sequel to 2016's "Mask of the Dragon", this novel finds now the 18-year-old Abby Palmer cast out of her home for her choices. With Dominic still at her side, his true nature both comfort and curse, she must adapt to her new situation. A stray black kitten she dubs “Domino” gives her a cover. But when her secret is forced into the open, she will see how far her boyfriend's trust truly goes.
Few Know You're Crying
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 3,190. Language: English. Published: August 23, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Poetry » Female authors
Grief is universal. No one can escape it. No one is immune. Everyone deals with it in their own way; some cry openly, some don't. Sometimes you're in tears and no one knows. This book is mine. It celebrates those I've loved and lost in poetry. It will live on long after I have joined them. And for that I am grateful.
A Childhood Fantasy
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 7,060. Language: English. Published: August 20, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Flash fiction
Welcome to the world of my childhood fantasy. Step through a doorway opened long ago by C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Jack London, and countless others. Meet characters long gone or so changed by now you may not recognize them. Learn the origins of my stories, and maybe you, too, will take the writer’s journey. If so, you’ll be in good company.
Mask of the Dragon
Series: Rise of the Dragonfly, Book 1. Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 65,560. Language: American English. Published: May 30, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Paranormal, Fiction » Christian » Fantasy
At age 16, Abigail Palmer still hasn't outgrown the imaginary dragon friend she has leaned on since her parents' death ten years ago. Dominic's actions were always under her control, but lately he's taken on a life of his own and Abby's no longer sure she's responsible for his behavior. Is something wrong with her, or is he more that what he seems? One way or another, she'll have to find out.

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