Ashen White


Amazon Best Selling Author Ashen White writes the kind of stories you love to get lost in. Rich in detail, she believes in making her readers not just read her stories, but wants them to become part of the action, the passion, the sights, the sounds, the smells! Whether writing horror, erotica, romance, poetry or drama, she loves weaving tales that pull her readers into the worlds she creates, where they are not merely outsiders looking in - but where they become involved in the lives of her characters and the interesting things they get up to!

Born in the north-east of England, Ashen has spent her time learning as much as possible about ancient and modern mythology and legend, delving deep into epic fantasy and horror, and studying the arcane and the occult, so she can bring all of these elements into the stories she writes.

Ashen writes the kind of stories she loves to read, and works constantly and consistently at producing the best quality stories she can!

Ashen lives on the edge of Toronto, with her two partners and their three cats.


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