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Smashwords book reviews by Mark Goddard

  • Dead Men Tell No Lies on June 03, 2011

    One of the problems I have run into with Smashwords is how to separate the amateurs who have no hope of making it as a writer and those who show true promise and have written a truly professional novel on their own. I often have trepidations scrolling through all the books on Smashwords wondering if the book I think sounds good is really going to bore me and end up wasting my time and money. While “Dead Men Tell No Lies” started off a little confusing, after about 30 pages into it (well 30 pages on my Nook) the story really began to take shape and draw me in. By the end of the novel I had become engrossed in the story and it's characters. Unlike a lot of fantasy I read there are no superheroes here. I hate nothing more than reading about some godlike character that can singlehandedly take on an army, is never wrong, and loves puppies. The heroes here are real and fallible. This is no short story (over 450 pages on my Nook) and once I got into it I found it to be a very easy and enjoyable read. I was surprised to find such a well written book by a first time author. If I had bought this in a bookstore I probably would have paid over $20 so the $3 price tag feels like a pretty good deal. When the second book comes out I will certainly pick it up.