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Smashwords book reviews by Ashrae

  • Killers on Oct. 14, 2011

    Experimental Psychology, Nature or Nurture, Serial Killers, Thrills, Chills, Great Action Scenes, Twists and Turns, this book has it all and more... Anti-hero and Lovable Bad Boy, Prosper Snow returns following on from The Kult in a new psychological thriller that flows along nicely and then about 3/4 of the way in, delivers such a stinger that beyond that stage it is simply impossible to put down... The subject matter draws from actual psychological experiments that have been carefully researched, so much so that the resultant story comes across as perfectly feasible - and scarily so... Certainly gave me a lot of food for thought, it's nice to read a book that not only delivers a great read, but also gives the reader something to ponder on after reading... Can't wait for book 3 in the series...
  • The Kult on Oct. 14, 2011

    i was drawn to this book from various promos & plugs on forums and the like and i must say, these people werent wrong... a gripping thriller from start to finish with nicely fleshed out (literally sometimes - see what i did there) characters and enough description to set the scene and atmosphere without detracting from the story, which twisted and turned to a conclusion that i wasnt quite expecting... although i must say that i was screaming at the kindle screen about the significance of some of the clues... quite often i could literally see the action in my mind as i was reading it, the story-telling was so real... the hero, or anti-hero i guess, has you rooting for him even though he is a bit on the dark side himself, a bit of a bad boy and i am delighted to see him return in Killers...
  • The 24 Hour Jazz Cafe on Aug. 01, 2012

    Having read both All the Fun of the Fair and Playground Cool, as soon as I heard there was a new offering from Mr Sinclair I downloaded it straight away without even reading the blurb. Would that turn out be a rash decision...? Would it heck as like! This book turned out to be a thoroughly stonking read! It started off pretty gently and then the story, action and indeed characters gradually built up to a pretty great crescendo which, along with the grand finale, left me almost breathless. Like Mr Sinclair's other books, the careful use of description, along with great characterisation, meant that I could "see" the action very clearly - another one for the screen maybe? I hear a whisper that Mitch and Rupert may return. I for one hope so...