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I am Marta Pyrchala-Zarzycka (Victoria Wolf is my pen name), an author with dreams and desires to make the world a better place using my books and other information platforms to educate people by sharing my knowledge and experience on various topics with them.

My career as a writer started years ago when I discovered my passion and love for enlightening people. I am knowledgeable about several aspects of life. I studied physics, I am a graduate of the college of natural medicine and cosmetology. I also own a degree in finance.

Communicating with the world requires the ability to speak and write in languages understood by most of the populations. This inspired me to write in two languages, my native language (Polish), and English.

In 2009, I began a company that provides courses in topics such as self-development, spiritual development, health e.t.c.


My first book was about self-confidence and dreams fulfillment. It was published it in the publishing house of Zlote Mysli. It's in here (in Polish):

In here is my first book in English. It's in e-book version and up to 17th of February will be available too in paper version

Using my medical knowledge, I was able to write a book on psychoneuroimmunology, the book that shed more lights on the influence of stress, emotions, thoughts, imagination, and expectation on health primarily on immunology system. This book was one of mine diploma works. It will be available soon in Polish and English.

Using my knowledge of the financial sector, I wrote another book on investing in currency.

On March 2019, my book on Reiki Therapy will be published by Helion publishing house (in Polish). It will be available in Polish on March of 2019.

I am currently working on books about natural medicine, the power of mind and esoteric, which will be published in 2019 following the contract I got from the SBM publishing house to publish nine more books apart from my second book about talismans and amulets, which was published in the end of 2018. It is in here (in Polish):,p1218483016,ksiazka-p


To remain relevant and acquire more skills and knowledge in my field I engaged myself in about 150 different courses such as natural science, business, and technology in three different countries (Poland, Ireland and Australia).


Noticing that technology is continually taking over the world and people find it easy to move around with their phones rather than carrying a book about, I have used my IT skills to develop 11 websites in Polish and English where people can easily read my books and articles without stress. I also have six blogs and e-learning platforms with 114 educating and inspiring courses primarily in Polish.

I am currently working on the English version of the platform. It's available in here:

You are welcome to visit my websites.

• Websites in English:

English e-learning platform, where you can registrate and get access to free relaxing video-exercise:

• Polish websites:


Apart from writing, I invest my time in learning new skills and crafts. I am learning needlepoint, embroidery, crocheting, knitting, craft e.t.c.

Innovation is necessary for growth in any field just as diligence is important for success. By 2020, I start writing novels alongside my other books.

Though I am a mother with a son living with me in the UK yet I have refused to limit myself. You can be successful if you try.


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