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Christine Auriela Aloisio has lived in Cambria on the Central Coast of California for over 25 years. She connects strongly to her Cosmic and Native American descent. Christine's book is to be used as a self guide to the Lemurian Energetic Vortexes/Temples on the Central Coast of California.
The information in her book is for individuals and/or groups to experience spirituality and awareness of Self, as well
as Mother Earth.
Along with spearheading and hosting many local ‘Wellness Fairs,’ she is also the past owner of 7 Sisters Mystical Emporium in Cambria, California. This center held classes and ceremonies for self-awareness and spirituality, for all beliefs and paths, and also offered books and crystals, statues and items that support the body, mind, spirit and emotions.
Through her current travels to many energy sites in Hawaii, French Polynesia, England, Finland, Sweden, Austria, France and Malta, as well as many others, Christine is now paving the way for others to reconnect with their Atlantean and Lemurian heritage. Her purpose is to help bring the best of both worlds back into alignment and balance as we recreate the New Golden Age - the ‘Era of Remembering.’

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The Magic of Lemuria
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 14,410. Language: American English. Published: January 20, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » New Age » Spiritualism, Nonfiction » Inspiration » Spiritual inspiration
A pocket-size guidebook to the Energy Sites of Lemuria along the Central Coast of California. This handbook was written in the spirit of a joyful reconnection to the legacy given to us by our ancient ancestors, the Lemurians. I welcome you to come and re-energize and renew yourself with the wisdom that was left here for our evolution!

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  • An Alternative Handbook to the Maltese Temples - a Cosmic Perspective and Guide. on Oct. 25, 2014

    Comments/Reviews about: An Alternative Handbook These are some comments of friends ! Audrey Marie Bartolo – Malta/Gozo: This is just a wonderful handbook regarding the temples sites seen from a cosmic perspective! Well done!!! Truly enjoyed it! I will surely pass it on to tourists who are enchanted by our Temples. Jackie Laferla – Malta: Finally the truth about the real purpose of the temples is revealed! Tove Börjesdotter Buhe-Stam – Sweden: I Love it!!! Kirsti Newton – UK/Malta: Yaaaayyy! Well done! I want a copy! Gail Debono – Malta: Excellent! Can't wait to read it! Karen Caruana - Malta: Looking forward to read it!! Katryna Storace – Malta: I got the handbook today! It is really nicely produced and makes for fun, light-hearted and engrossing reading. I wish you every success with its circulation. Maria Hope Rosenlind - Sweden: Great, to have and to recommend to others! Gerlinde Cachia – Germany/Malta: I have been waiting for it to come out and will get a copy as soon as I see it anywhere in the shops. Susanne Claussen - USA: I want a copy too. Raffaella Russignaga - Italy/Malta: We love this little book, we bring it with us wherever we go. Katrina Satpreet Knee – Portugal: A must have for my next visit! Lindsay Barraclough-UK/Malta: Well done - fantastic news Judy Foort – Australia: You are the most amazing man Francis...and I congratulate you on your latest, wonderful initiative. I have learned so much from this little handbook but usually when I want to check or validate a fact I am away from my home. Now I can carry it with me on my Kindle and phone, just as I do your other books. So thank you for doing this and I know it will be just as successful. You have given me a whole new restructuring of what I thought that I knew before and fabulous new insights both into the future and the past. Deborah Anapol – USA: Don't tour Malta without it! Päivi Selenius _ Finland: Well done. It’s a book one must have. Debra Keil-Leavitt – USA: I'll really enjoy having the electronic version of this. I encourage everyone visiting Malta to get a copy and enjoy it!
  • An Alternative Handbook to the Maltese Temples - a Cosmic Perspective and Guide. on Oct. 26, 2014

    Johanna Carroll- USA : Going back to Malta in May, so it would be a good reference book! Christine Auriela: This small book is packed with wonderful information and inspiration! It can be used as one visits the temples or as a guide to understand how Atlantis has influenced us. As a guide, it helps one look at oneself as a powerfilled being, through inspiration and meditation. Great work, Francis! Thank you!