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Beth Gray is the author of the Stacy McCray Series and an award winning novelist who lives on the beach in Florida where inspiration is only steps away. While often found in coffee or wine shops up and down the nearby string of islands writing the next novel, Beth takes time to enjoy this paradise. Many of the characters in the novels come from people quietly observed at these coffee and wine shops. Yes, a good glass of wine creates many romantic twists—almost as much as the eye candy walking the beaches—well almost.
After working hard writing all day Beth loves to explore new horizons, be it cycling the trails or dancing the night away to a top salsa band performing in one of South Beach’s top nightclubs. Traveling the world also is an addiction for Beth, but it contributes to the stock of characters discovered in real life which become heroes and heroines in future stories.
Beth belongs to the Romance Writers of America, the Florida Writers Association, and the International Travel Writers Association.

The Stacy McCray series is based on the life of a red headed divorce lawyer that chases the single bar scenes in the trendy north side of Atlanta looking for new clients.
The novellas and short novels are about divorce cases Stacy is involved in, much like a Perry Mason series, but with an open view of the erotic nature involved in a divorce situation. The two detectives, Brent and Andy, who work for her, discover interesting facts and the clients give very vivid accounts of their spouse’s misadventures. Every story includes bar scenes, sex scene of the main characters of the specific story, romantic scene involving Stacy and Brent, court scenes and investigating scenes outside the bar. The stories generally have a good romantic ending for someone involved in the story, or at least a possibility of a good life. The story also include a delicate balance of humor, seriousness and strong sexual tension. The stories are written in first person, told by Stacy and will run anywhere from 15,000 words to 100,000 words; hopefully, something for everyone.

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